• Governance

    The University of the West of Scotland is formed as a "body corporate" under the terms of a Statutory instrument.   The University's constitutional basis is contained within the University of the West of Scotland Order of Council 2015.

    The Scottish Code of Good HE Governance expects every higher education institution to be headed by an effective governing body, which is unambiguously and collectively responsible for overseeing the institution's activities, determining its future direction and fostering an environment in which the institutional mission is achieved and the potential of all learners is maximised.  The governing body should ensure compliance with the statues, ordinances and provisions regulating the institution and its framework of governance and, subject to these, will take all final decisions on matters of fundamental concerns to the institution.


    The Court is the supreme governing body of the University. It is responsible for the appointment of the Chancellor, the Principal &Vice Chancellor and the Secretary to Court.   The majority of Court are lay members and students and staff are represented in the membership.   The University Court has retained the widest possible powers except in purely academic matters where Court has delegated powers to a Senate.    The main responsibilities of Court are set out in its Statement of Primary Responsibilities.


    The Senate is responsible for the overall planning, co-ordination, development and supervision of the academic work of the University, the maintenance of academic standards, the Regulatory Framework for academic awards and the promotion of academic development, research and scholarly activity.


    The Chancellor is the titular head of the University with the power to confer degrees, diplomas and other academic distinctions.   The current Chancellor of the University is the Rt Hon Dame Elish Angiolini DBE QC FRSA. 

    Chair of Court

    The Chair of Court has responsibility for the leadership of the Court and plays a key role in relation to other business of the University by ensuring the effectiveness of Court in carrying out its function.  The current Chair of Court is Dr Waiyin Hatton.

    Principal & Vice Chancellor

    The Principal & Vice Chancellor is the chief academic and administrative officer of the University. The Principal is subject to the general control and direction of the Court. The Principal is the chairman of Senate and the Designated (Accounting) Officer under the terms of the SFC Financial Memorandum.   The responsibility for the day to day running of the University rests with the Principal supported by a Senior Management Team who report to the Executive Group.

    Secretary to Court

    The Secretary to Court is a Court appointment and has responsibility for ensuring that procedures are followed, in providing guidance to Court members about their responsibilities under the rules and regulations to which they are subject (including external legislation and the requirements of the Funding Council) and on how those should be discharged.  The Secretary to Court is a source of professional advice to the Court and to the Principal & Vice Chancellor in order to ensure the efficient management of the Court's business and to alert Court if any proposed action would exceed the Court's powers or be contrary to the provisions of the University's constitution or to other legislation to which the University is subject, or to agreed Court policy and regulations.