Equality and Diversity at UWS

  • Equality and Diversity Coordinator

    Any questions or comments about the University’s commitment and actions in relation to Equality and Diversity should be directed in the first instance to:
    People and Organisational Development, Witherspoon Building, Paisley

  • Downloads

    UWS Public Sector Equality Duty (PSED) Mainstreaming Report 2017
    Public Sector Equality Duty: Publications Report 2015

  • Respecting Diversity, Promoting Equality

    We are proud of our tradition of committing ourselves to the widening of access to Higher Education from all sectors of the community and of our record in attracting students from under represented socio-economic backgrounds. The University wishes to build on its existing reputation as an inclusive institution and ensure that it extends its commitment to all, regardless of age, disability, gender identity, pregnancy and maternity, marital status, race, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation, across all areas of student, staff, campus and community activity.
    The University will work to promote understanding and integration between groups of different backgrounds and beliefs and will not tolerate any exclusion, harassment or victimisation of students or staff. This means tackling discrimination and prejudice where they are found to exist in the University and tackling the systems, behaviour and attitudes that cause or sustain them.
    The University will, through the development of the Equality Outcomes and other Equality, Diversity and Human Rights strategies and policies set out to respect and celebrate diversity because of its value in attracting, motivating and retaining students and staff; its contribution to the enrichment of the intellectual environment and of the learning experience for students, and its contribution to the pursuit of equality in the wider community. We will take action to avoid discrimination on any grounds and will promote equality of opportunity and understanding between people from different backgrounds. The university's Equality, Diversity and Human Rights policy can be viewed here.

    The University has developed  Equality Outcomes and progress will be reported publically on this website.