Missions and Strategies

  • Corporate Strategy Refresh 2017 - University of the West of Scotland

    Download Corporate Strategy Refresh 2017 - 2020 (pdf)

  • Dreaming, Believing, Achieving

    Our Corporate Strategy, originally launched in 2014, has been refreshed for the period 2017-20. Since the launch of this Strategy, the University has made significant strides towards many of the challenging aspirations and markers of performance we set ourselves.

    Over the past three years, major changes across the world have impacted on economic growth. Universities, known to be a catalyst for recovery from recession, therefore have a huge role to play in enabling the creation of skills and knowledge for emerging economies. UWS is well placed to innovate through research and enterprise, learning and teaching, global engagement and by using its workforce effectively to change the shape and delivery of higher education. Enhancements we have completed in pedagogy, improved learning spaces, research achievements, estates development, student retention, student achievement and global reach are all wonderful examples of the progress UWS is making and our Annual Review gives an insight into many of those amazing achievements.

    The refresh of the strategy has enabled us to focus the alignment of the Key Performance Indicators to three clear thematic aspirations:  Student Experience and Academic Quality; Research and Enterprise; and Global Engagement.  These are underpinned by a focus on our people, sustainability and technology and these remain as equally important factors.

  • UWS purpose and truths

    • Our Purpose

      University of the West of Scotland’s purpose is to change lives, transform communities and encourage enterprise through outstanding, distinctive and progressive higher education. Our focus is on personalised learning experiences supported by internationally recognised research. UWS graduates will be work-ready and contribute locally and globally.

      We will do this by:

      • Providing student-centred, personalised and distinctive learning and teaching experiences underpinned by professionally relevant research, knowledge exchange and enterprise
      • Fostering the resilience and learning skills of our students by providing a supportive, encouraging and inspirational learning environment
      • Developing a culture where our people are supported to be highly motivated, creative and collaborative
      • Making a difference to the communities we serve - in Scotland and across the globe
      • Taking managed intelligent risks to benefit our student experience and organisational performance
      • Being a proudly different university where ambition and success are at the heart of what we do
    • Our Truths
      • We are here for our students
      • Our teaching is our passion, and it reaches to the future
      • We understand that a graduate career is important to our students
      • We are a knowledge-rich organisation
      • We believe in partnership with business (private, public and global)
      • We are an international university
      • We are an inclusive organisation that welcomes and values diversity
      • UWS is a great place to work and study
      • UWS is a university that dares to be different