Service Excellence

  • Committed to Excellence

    As part of the University’s strategic plan, and to ensure that the student experience UWS offers is of the highest standard, we administer the Student Experience Group (SEG) consisting of a joint body of students and staff. Part of their work highlighted the significant contribution made by administrative and support staff to students’ experience at UWS.

    Friendly staff

    Feedback from our students has indicated that the friendly and helpful way colleagues deal with enquiries remains one of our distinguishing features and one which should allow colleagues and students to be proud to be part of UWS.

    Quality service

    We wish to build on the Service Excellence project by asking all colleagues to take responsibility for examining how they and the processes they use help or hinder the quality of service they deliver.

  • Detailed below is the progress that has been made by colleagues involved in Service Excellence and an outline of future activity.

      Service Excellence