Employee Self Service

Employee Self Service
  • Employee Self Service is a secure web based application which provides you with the opportunity to:

    • Access your online payslip in PDF format
    • View/amend your personal details
    • View/amend your bank account details
    • View your current employment details
    • View your sickness absence details
    • Book a holiday
    • Amend/cancel a holiday request
    • View your holiday balance

    This functionality will ensure that the information held for you by the Department of Human Resources is accurate and up to date.

    The system holds personal and confidential information and for that reason all passwords must be secure. To access Employee Self Service, your user name will be the first part of your University email address (firstname.lastname) and your password will be your existing password used currently to access the UWS ICT network. You should not share your password with anyone and always log out of the application when your PC is unattended.

    Download the UWS Employee Self Service guide for details on how to use the system.

  • Employee Self Service FAQs

    Why have I been given access to Employee Self Service?

    You have been given access to Employee Self Service because you currently have access to the University network and have a valid UWS email account.

    How do I logon to Employee Self Service?

    You can access Employee Self Service by using the icon on your desktop or going to the iTrent Employee Self Service Website.  If you currently use a MAC, please use the URL link provided as no desktop icon will be available.  Further details are provided in the Employee Self Service User Guide which can be found on the HR website.

    Can I access Employee Self Service from home?

    Employee Self Service can only be accessed via a secure UWS server. Should you wish to access this from home/off campus, you should contact ICT Services to discuss VPN access.

    If any of my details are incorrect who do I contact?

    You can make a change to any of your personal details once you are logged into Employee Self Service. However, if you require a change to your employment details please contact your Line Manager in the first instance who will contact Human Resources to amend your details as appropriate.

    Why am I unable to amend my address?

    The system has been configured to allow you to add a new address only. This will ensure history is retained for this particular field. You should select ‘New – Address details’ to make this change.

    How can I add new contact details?

    Employee Self Service will display your contact details which are currently held by Human Resources. The system can store your home telephone number, mobile number and email address. Once data exists for each of these, you can amend these details at any time.

    How do I change my bank details?

    Bank details can be changed by going into the Payroll section, selecting bank details.  Please remember to click save once you have made your changes.

    What date do I need to change to my bank details by?

    We would recommend you change your details no later than the 20th of the month, 15th of the month in December.

    Why is my pensionable pay different from my taxable pay?

    Taxable pay is normally gross pay less pension contributions and/or other tax allowable deductions such as Childcare Vouchers, whereas pensionable pay is a total of all items within your gross pay which are pensionable e.g. basic salary, weekend enhancement etc.

    My net pay has changed but my gross salary remains the same?

    Changes to pension rates, tax and NI take effect from April each year. Your tax code can also change and you may also have a new deduction e.g. a student loan. A small difference of a matter of a few pence can occur from month to month, this is due to tax being calculated on a cumulative basis and is nothing to be concerned about.

    Why does the log out button ask you to close your browser?

    By selecting the log out button the log out process will commence and you will then be asked to close your browser manually. Once you close your browser you will be logged out of Employee Self Service.

    Can I request access to Employee Self Service?

    Yes. Should you wish to request access to Employee Self Service, you should discuss with your Line Manager who will then submit a request to itrent@uws.ac.uk.

    Who do I contact if I have questions about Employee Self Service?

     Should the information provided not sufficiently answer your question, please email itrent@uws.ac.uk.
  • Annual Leave FAQs

    Why is my holiday entitlement calculated in hours?

    The management of annual leave through iTrent requires that it is recorded in hours rather than days. This is the approach currently used for many part-time staff and those with flexible working patterns therefore the annual leave provision through iTrent will ensure consistency across all categories of staff.

    Why are public holidays included in my leave entitlement?

    The University recognises 11 public holidays throughout the leave year (pro rata for part time staff). iTrent will include these in your overall leave entitlement and automatically deduct public holidays that fall on a day that you are scheduled to work. Your working pattern will be used to establish the days that you work and the number of hours you work each day.

    Why does the system show the Paisley fair holiday and not the Glasgow fair?

     The University recognises 11 public holidays and these have been created in iTrent. To ensure a maximum of 11 public holidays is allocated to each individual, only one of these holidays can be shown in the system.

    If you are based at Hamilton campus and would normally take the Glasgow fair holiday, please continue to do so. This will ensure only one fair holiday is deducted from your leave entitlement.

    Why must I specify the start time, end time and the number hours to request a half day?

    This will ensure your holiday balance is accurately calculated, particularly for staff who do not work an even number of hours each day. iTrent will automatically deduct the holiday as you have requested.

    What do I do if my working pattern is wrong?

    If your working pattern is not recorded accurately in iTrent you should contact your Line Manager. Your Line Manager will inform your HR Adviser and this will be changed as soon as possible.

    Will holidays be carried forward from this leave year into next year?

    From 1st October 2012, online annual leave will not take into account any holidays that you have agreed carry forward into next year. Carry forward of leave should be managed through the existing annual leave system and recorded separately. From 1st October 2013, annual leave carry over will be managed through iTrent in accordance with your terms and conditions of employment.

    Will I be able to exceed my holiday entitlement and deduct this from my leave allocation the following year?

    iTrent will not allow you to exceed your annual leave entitlement. If this situation occurs you should discuss this with your Line Manager.

    Can I change a holiday if it has been approved by my manager?

    You can amend your holiday by changing the date of your holiday request via Employee Self Service. Once you save the change, an email will be sent to your line manager providing details of your request to change your dates and the normal approval process will apply.

    Can I cancel a holiday?

    You can cancel a holiday date in iTrent if you have decided that you no longer wish to take this leave. Where possible, you should discuss this with your line manager in advance of cancelling the holiday. An email will be sent to your line manager informing them that you made this request in iTrent.

    Can I add a holiday retrospectively?

    All holidays should be requested and approved in advance. The system will not allow you to add a holiday date that has already occurred.

    Will iTrent calculate the holiday entitlement for all contracts of employment?

    There are a number of annual leave schemes which have been built into iTrent to reflect all contracts of employment. This includes any protected terms and conditions of employment you may hold.

    Will my holidays be calculated in iTrent if I am employed on a contract of employment with variable hours?

    iTrent is configured to calculate annual leave by using your contractual working hours and weeks. If you do not have specified contractual working hours you should continue with your existing arrangements for holidays.

    Does the approved annual leave integrate with Outlook calendars?

    Annual leave approved through iTrent does not currently integrate with Outlook calendars.

    How will it work for staff without access to the University network?

     Staff without access to Employee Self-Service should continue to use the current annual leave card system.

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