Student Accommodation

  • Please submit applications for Trimester 2 accommodation via the link below and we will contact you with an offer within 48 hours.

    Trimester 2 accommodation starts on Wednesday 27th January 2016 and runs until Saturday 11th June 2016.


      University of the West of Scotland - Residence Prices 20152016


    University Accommodation

    A great way to meet new people, make new friends, and gain some independence. Whether you choose a modern en-suite or studio flat at our recently opened Ayr Campus, one of our private flats in the picturesque town of Dumfries, take advantage of the new £13.2million student accommodation which opened at Paisley in September 2012 or simply want to be at the heart of campus life in Hamilton, there’s never been a better time to stay in our student residences. With accommodation starting from just £85 per week, UWS accommodation is an affordable choice.

    All of our accommodation is self-catered and cooking facilities are provided.

    Priority for accommodation offers are based on distance from your home address to the campus. Please see our Allocations Policy for further details. You can apply for accommodation when you have received an offer of a place to study.

    The University provides contents insurance for you with Endsleigh, the No.1 student insurance provider. This cover does not protect laptops and phones or other items when you are outside your room, or all risks inside your room. It is important for you to check this cover, so please follow the steps below to ensure you fully understand the protection provided.

    Enter in your policy number HH1119 at to check your policy details.  


    Visit the review cover link to: 
    Check what is covered.
    Check key exclusions and limitations. 
    Check your policy excess. 
    Check how to make a claim.


    Extend and personalise your cover to protect laptops, phones and other valuables.

    It is important to find out exactly what you are covered for, as you may find that the contents cover is not sufficient and you need to extend it to protect all of your possessions both inside and outside of your room.

    The Residence Team provide all students with a bedding pack containing duvet, duvet cover, pillows, pillow slips and fitted sheet. We will also provide a crockery starter pack (1 place dinner setting plus tumbler, coffee mug and tea towel). For any specific queries, please contact us through the details on the right hand side of this page. 

    We have also put together a handy Frequently Asked Questions guide that will hopefully give you the proper direction at an early stage. This guide will be updated throughout the year.

    *minimum of 1 month

    • Finance & Funding

      If you are a UK student who has taken out all the student funding you are entitled to, you should apply to the Discretionary Fund. This is a fund administered by the University to students who need a little extra financial support to get by. Any funding received is usually in the form of a non-repayable bursary and it can be paid directly to your accommodation account, reducing the amount you need to pay each month. To find out more, visit the Funding and Advice Teams webpage at

      All non-EU overseas students staying with us on a full academic contract (40 weeks) will be able to apply for a £1,000 accommodation discount. This application can be made direct to and is subject to t&c's.

      UWS Bank Details in a printable format to help with all bank transfers.


    • Renting your own accommodation

      UWS is delighted to offer student accommodation from an early stage in the process of your course acceptance. Our standards of accommodation are based on the needs of most students and the fact that many of our residences are on campus allows for quick and easy access to classes and services. However, should you prefer to consider a private let option; it might be worth giving consideration to the following areas:

      • Check that the landlord is registered with the relevant regional authority/council body.
      • Ensure that you receive a written tenancy agreement.
      • Ensure that you receive a receipt for your advance deposit.
      • Ensure that you receive a copy of the inventory of the property.
      • If the property has gas, ensure that you receive a copy of the landlord’s current Gas Safety Certificate.
      • Check online for information regarding the Scottish Government’s Repairing Standard and ensure that your landlord is aware of and adhering to it.
      • If you plan on sharing accommodation with other students, check with the relevant regional authority/council body to establish whether the Landlord has a licence for this. This is classed as an HiMO Licence (House in Multiple Occupation).
      • Ensure that all those sharing sign the Rental Agreement; this will mean that all the tenants have responsibility for paying the rent. You may have to share other costs such as utility bills.
      • Once you have viewed the property it is recommended that you go back and have a look at the area the property is in.
      • For a handy guide that you can print off, read our Advice to students moving to an HiMO

      UWS Residential Services

      If you are considering a private let, but unsure of the local areas, the Residence Team will be delighted to help with advice and recommendations regarding residential areas within each of the campuses as follows:

      • For assistance in Renfrewshire, please contact 0141 848 3159
      • For assistance in South Lanarkshire, please contact 01698 288376
      • For assistance in South Ayrshire, please contact 01292 886 273
      • For assistance in Dumfries, please contact 0141 848 3159 (ask for Nicola)

      At this point, it is worth emphasising that the rent for University accommodation is all-inclusive. There are no additional utility bills to worry about regardless of use; we also provide insurance which covers the cost of your digital multimedia among other things; and we have free wi-fi in many of our residences. A comparison can be seen here at UWS vs HiMO

      If you decide that your private let is not working out at any point, we will be happy to advise and assist you, and do what we can to find you suitable student accommodation within one of our welcoming, safe and convenient student residences.

      Regional Authority Useful Links

      If you are considering letting private accommodation within the South Ayrshire area (this covers the Ayr Campus) go to the private letting info on the South Ayrshire Council Website

      If you are considering letting private accommodation within the Dumfries & Galloway area (this covers the Dumfries Campus) go to the private letting info on the Dumfries & Galloway Council Website

      If you are considering letting private accommodation within the South Lanarkshire area (this covers the Hamilton Campus) go to the private letting info on the South Lanarkshire Council Website

      If you are considering letting private accommodation within the Renfrewshire area (this covers the Paisley Campus)go to the private letting info on the Renfrewshire Council Website

      The local authority websites should also allow access to the “Guide to Private Letting” which can be downloaded and has additional useful information.