Celebrating 50 years of Social Science education in the West of Scotland

  • In session 1966-1967, the Department of Social Studies was created to organise the then Paisley College of Technology's teaching and research in the social sciences.  Today our Social Science and Creative and Cultural portfolios have been brought together in the new School of Media, Culture & Society.

    Former students and staff from the Department of Social Studies attended an evening reception at the Paisley Campus on Thursday 9th February 2017, to celebrate 50 years of Social Science Education

    50th anniversary scholarship details

    The School is delighted to be able to offer a total of 28 scholarships for the forthcoming academic session (session 2016/17) for selected Masters courses. The details of the scholarships are set out below:

  • 50th anniversary scholarships explained

    • How much?

      There will be 22 scholarships available for selected Masters courses (each worth £2000) and 6 scholarships available for MA Cultural Diplomacy** courses (each worth £1000) .

      ** Cultural Diplomacy students will study only 1 trimester with UWS on campus so they will receive £1000

    • What are the scholarships for?
      The scholarships are intended to assist with living expenses.
    • How do I qualify (what are the criteria)?
      Scholarships will be awarded on a strength of application basis. The decision will be based on the evidence of your qualification and the strength of your personal statement.
    • How to apply?
      Applicants wishing to apply for a 50th Anniversary Scholarship must complete an online application form indicating which programme you are applying for. The application form can be accessed here http://www.uws.ac.uk/study-at-uws/postgraduate/apply/

      Please indicate in the first line of the personal statement that you would like to be considered for the School of Media, Culture & Society's , 50th Anniversary Scholarships.

      If you are successful in being awarded a Scholarship you will be informed of this in your offer email.
    • What courses are eligible?

      The following courses are eligible:

      MSc Applied Social Science framework
      MSc Policy Analysis and Global Governance
      MSc Psychology
      MA Broadcast Journalism
      MA Creative Media Practice
      MA Cultural Diplomacy framework^  
      MA Music framework

      ^ In conjunction with ICD, Berlin

    • How will these be allocated?

      There will be 28 scholarships in total: 22 @ £2,000 (all eligible Masters excluding MA Cultural Diplomacy) and 6 @ £1,000 (MA Cultural Diplomacy framework**):

      • 12 x  £2,000 studentships for Non-EU
      • 6 x £2,000 studentships for RUK
      • 4 x £2,000 studentships for Scottish / EU

      MA Cultural Diplomacy framework**:

      • 3 x £1,000 studentships for Non-EU
      • 3 x £1,000 studentships for Scottish / EU / RUK

      ** Cultural Diplomacy students will study only 1 trimester with UWS on campus so they will receive £1000

    • How will they be paid?

      It is anticipated that the following payment conditions will be implemented: 

      • For Masters scholarships worth £2000 – two equal instalments in week 6 of Trimesters 1 and 2 (October and February)
      • For MA Cultural Diplomacy** scholarships worth £1000 – one single instalment in week 6 of trimester 1 (October)

      ** Cultural Diplomacy students will study only 1 trimester with UWS on campus so they will receive £1000

      Note: payments are contingent upon the recipient fulfilling university attendance requirements and satisfactory performance on the programme.

    • Non-EU application deadlines
      Masters application deadline for Non-EU applicants:
      Outwith the UK: 15th August
      UK-based: 5th September

      CAS application deadline:
      Outwith the UK: 19th August
      UK-based: 9th September