• Dealing with issues, concerns and complaints

    UWS is committed to providing the highest level of service for its students and members of the public who may have contact with the University. However, the University recognises that, on occasion, issues, concern and problems can be raised by students or members of the Public. If you have an issue, concern or problem you are encouraged to raise it with the School or Support Department in which the issue arose. The purpose of this frontline resolution is to attempt to resolve your problem as quickly as possible. However if after trying to resolve the problem you are still not satisfied, then you can submit a complaint to the Student Administration Department. 

    Although you can send your complaint to us by email or phone, we would advise you to submit your complaint on the Complaint Form – click here

    This is to your benefit as it not only allows you to fully identify the substance of your complaint but it also allows you to clearly identify the outcomes you are seeking from the complaint investigation. This will help greatly with the investigation.

    When you have completed the form can you email it to Student Administration via

    There are guides to help you understand the complaints process:

    For more information on the University’s complaint handling process click here  

    Publicising complaints performance information

    The University reports on its complaints handling performance annually in line with statutory requirements. This includes performance statistics showing the volume and type of complaints and key performance details, for example on the time taken and the stage at which complaints were resolved.

    Independent external review (Scottish Public Service Ombudsman – SPSO)

    Once all stages of the University’s complaints procedures have been exhausted, the complainant is entitled to ask the SPSO to look at their complaint. The SPSO considers complaints from people who remain dissatisfied at the conclusion of the University’s Complaints Handling Procedure. The SPSO looks at issues such as service failure and maladministration (administrative fault) as well as the way the University has handled the complaint.  Further information on the SPSO is available here.