Acceptable Use Policy

  • Contact Information, Technology & Digital Services (ITDS)

    Telephone: 0141 848 3999
    Ayr: 4.022
    Dumfries: Dudgeon House E1.4
    Hamilton: A212
    Paisley: Library level 3
    Hours: 08:45-21:00 (Mon-Thu), 08:45-16:30 (Fri)

  • IT Acceptable Use Policy

    The use of University IT facilities is governed by the IT Acceptable Use Policy. By using University computer equipment or the University network, you are accepting this policy and any of the consequences that could arise if used inappropriately.

    The purpose of this policy is to support all users of University systems in understanding good practice and ensuring the environment:

    • Has the most effective and reliable software as well as protection against viruses and malware to keep all users safe. There is no need to make changes to the systems.
    • Helps you to be respectful to your fellow students by keeping use to academic studies and allowing others access to the services.
    • Supports you remaining safe, secure and legal through avoiding misuse of the facilities and staying within the law.
    • Advances the academic studies of all students.
    • Contributes towards the learning experience of all students.

    The policy also contains an appendix providing good practice guidance in the use of social media at UWS. 

    Please note that these rules and guidelines are in place to ensure all users can access IT equipment and facilities confidently, doing so in a respectful and compliant manner.