• Contact Information, Technology & Digital Services (ITDS)

    Telephone: 0141 848 3999
    Ayr: 4.022
    Dumfries: Dudgeon House E1.4
    Hamilton: A212
    Paisley: Library level 3
    Hours: 08:45-21:00 (Mon-Thu), 08:45-16:30 (Fri)

  • Printing

    • Print Credit

      You are given £10 free Print Credit per year.

      Additional credit can be purchased from the print credit machines on your campus - the machines are :

      • Hamilton - on the wall outside the lab in the Library
      • Dumfries - on the ground floor in the Rutherford McCowan building within the student breakout area.
      •  Paisley - in the Open Access Area, Level 3, in the Library
      • Ayr - in the Library beside the reception desk

      If the print credit machine is out of order, you can Purchase Print Credit Online (see below).  Students at Dumfries campus should go to the Library to have money credited to their account.

      Credit can be bought in multiples of £5. You must take along your student card.

      You can check at any time how much credit you have by hovering the mouse over the £ sign in the bottom right hand corner of the screen (near the clock).

    • Purchase Print Credit Online

      To purchase print credit online visit the Online Payments web page.

      A minimum balance of £5 can be made when purchasing print credit online. If you have any problems with this online purchasing page, or any other problems relating to printer credits, please visit or email ITDS Helpdesk

      Please note: If you are buying printer credits you must enter your Banner ID and network login password (NOT your Moodle password or your email password). Take a note of the payment reference number in the event that you have any queries about your payment. Credits will be added to your account on successful completion of the transaction.

    • Printing Charges

      Cost for Black and White - 5p per sheet

      Cost for colour - 40p per sheet

      When you print a document, a pop-up screen will tell you how much credit you have and ask if you wish to continue. If you click on Cancel, the document will not be printed and you will not be charged. Only by clicking on Print will you be charged.

      Refunds for Print Credit are only given if there has been a problem with the printer.

    • Multi Function Devices

      Multi Function Devices are installed at all four campuses - these will provide you with the ability to Print, Copy and Scan to Email.

      Swipe your student card to log in to a device. Once logged in, you can release any print jobs, copy or scan.

      You can print to any device of the same model type in the campus, so if the nearest device is unavailable or busy you can use one on a different floor or room.

      Follow the links below for further information:

    • EveryOnePrint

      EveryOnePrint lets you print via the internet to the existing University printing systems from your laptop, Mac, desktop PC or mobile device without the need to install any drivers or software.

    • Printing Problem Support

      If you experience any problems with printers contact the ITDS Helpdesk

      If you dispute the quantity or quality of your printing, please go to ITDS Helpdesk, taking along the pages you believe you should not have been charged for. A record is kept of all documents printed (when they were printed and number of sheets printed).