Enrolment terms and conditions

  • Student Enrolment Terms and Conditions

    The University of the West of Scotland (the “University”)
     Student Enrolment Terms and Conditions (the “Terms”) 

    Your agreement to the Student Enrolment Terms and Conditions

    These terms and conditions, and all of the documents referred to in them, including (but not limited to) the documents contained below: - 

    University Regulations 
    Student Engagement Policy 
    Academic Referencing Policy 
    Privacy Notice
    University Complaints Procedure
    University Equality, Diversity and Human Rights Policy
    Student Fee Policy and Procedure
    Credit Control Policy
    Pro Rata Charges guidelines 
    University Finance policies 
    Criminal Convictions Policy   
    Refund Polocy
    Acceptable Use Policy
    Admissions Policy

    (which are together referred to in the rest of this document as the “Terms”) give you information about us and the legal terms and conditions with which you need to comply with as a condition of your enrolment at the University.

    If you are a student from outwith the European Economic Area the Student Conditions of Enrolment for holders of Tier 4 (General) Student Visas will also apply and will form part of the Terms applying to you.

    The policies mentioned above are available on our website or you can request a copy from the Court & Senate Office, University of the West of Scotland, Paisley Campus PA1 2BE, Scotland.

    You should read the Terms carefully and make sure that you understand them, before enrolling on our site. By enrolling, you agree to comply with and be bound by these Terms and any other documents referred to in them.

    You will have to complete the enrolment process for each academic year. We may make changes to the Terms prior to each enrolment and so you should review the Terms each time you enrol at the University.

    When you complete your online enrolment you will be shown a summary confirming your study programme and the modules you have selected. Your enrolment will become accepted by us when the completion email has been generated and sent to your university email account. This e-mail is proof of your enrolment on a programme of study within the current academic year. It will be used by us to confirm your status. This email is a very important document and you are advised to take good care of it as it confirms the date we will treat your registration at the University as formalised.

    • University Obligations

      The University prepares its Prospectus with care and every effort is made to ensure that the information it contains is accurate and we will use all reasonable endeavours to deliver student programmes in accordance with the descriptions as set out in the Prospectus. However, as the Prospectus is published at least a year before our student programmes commence, we may need to make changes from time to time. Student programmes, modules and curriculums are under constant review and may be amended or discontinued.  

      In exceptional circumstances, for example due to severe weather, industrial action, illness or departure of staff, construction works, loss of utilities, structural or flood damage to buildings, regulatory/compliance matters or other circumstances beyond the University’s control which may impact on the University’s ability to deliver normal services, while every effort will be made to put in place contingency arrangements to minimise disruption to students this may not always be avoidable.  Major incidents affecting stakeholders or collaborative partners may also impact on UWS programmes and services.  If this happens the University will use your UWS email to communicate with you and we may also text you using the mobile number you gave us.  We will also publish updates on the University website.

      Some student programmes are offered subject to minimum student numbers.

      For the reasons above, the University therefore reserves the right to:

      • make variations to the contents or methods of delivery of student programmes; 
      • change the campus or delivery location of student programmes; 
      • discontinue modules and student programmes; and  
      • merge and combine student programmes; 

      if such action is reasonably considered to be necessary by the University.

      If the University discontinues any student programme on which students are already enrolled, it will use its reasonable endeavours to provide a suitable alternative programme.  If it makes major changes to any programme on which students are already enrolled it will advise the students as soon as the University believes it is in a position to usefully do so and provide full academic guidance. 

    • Student Rights and Obligations

      The Regulations govern the University’s academic awards with the aim of maintaining high standards and with the student experience in mind. The University publishes its Regulations with a summary of all changes at the start of each academic year. Students will be bound by the Regulations currently approved by Senate for implementation during the session in which the student is enrolled. 

      Decisions are taken by the University in good faith on the basis of statements made in a student's application for admission. If it is discovered that a false statement has been made or significant information has been omitted from a student's application form, the University may withdraw or amend its offer, or terminate the student’s registration at the University, according to the circumstances. See also the Criminal Convictions Policy.

       Your rights, as a student of the University of the West of Scotland you will be:

      1. Provided with current and accurate information on your programme of study 
      2. Provided with teaching and learning which align to current programmes and modules 
      3. Informed about assessments during your programme of study and how reassessment is managed under the regulations 
      4. Provided with information on work based learning, and study abroad opportunities 
      5. Able to access University information, advice and guidance services 
      6. Able to have enquiries dealt with courteously and promptly 
      7. Able to have formal complaints and appeals processed in a fair and efficient manner 
      8. Provided with information about student representation on University Committees and opportunities to give feedback on your programme, teaching and other services 
      9. Provided with information on how to access University Regulations, Policies and Procedures 
      10. Informed of any changes to the above through your UWS student email account 

      Your responsibilities, as a student of the University of the West of Scotland you have the following responsibilities and agree:

      1. To take your studies seriously, use University resources and support facilities, and to seek advice from your academic tutors and support staff advising them of any difficulties you may be experiencing 
      2. To attend your classes and submit all your assessments on time and to abide by the Student Engagement Policy; to provide medical certification or other documentation relating to any period of absence or extenuating circumstances (mitigation) 
      3. To familiarise yourself with and abide by the University’s Regulations and relevant policies 
      4. To provide the University Registry with up to date contact and emergency contact details 
      5. To check your University email account regularly 
      6. To provide feedback on your programmes and modules and contribute to quality assurance activities 
      7. To pay fees/arrange payment promptly as required by the University 
      8. To be respectful to all University students and staff, property and equipment 
      9. To comply with the University’s Health and Safety Policy
      10. j) To maintain the University’s good name both on and out with its campuses and to disclose to us any unspent criminal convictions and cautions when applying to us and during your studies 

      Some UWS programmes have particular requirements, e.g. fitness to practice, professional accreditation requirements. Students should refer to programme / school handbooks and familiarise themselves with specific requirements.


    • Student Work for Assessment
      The University will require you to submit certain pieces of work by way of E-Submission. The E-Submission system uses an electronic plagiarism detecting programme, and work that you submit may be used by the electronic programme for the purpose of checking the originality both of your work and other students' work.  By accepting these Terms you agree that your work may be used in this way.
    • Payment of Fees

      While the University will take all reasonable steps to avoid large increases in tuition fees, it reserves the right to implement such increases in fees it deems appropriate. In deciding upon increases in tuition fees the University will take into consideration such factors as inflation, market competition, Government and Funding Council policy and other external factors.

      Students will be liable for any miscellaneous expenditure (such as photocopying fees, fieldwork, course materials, photocopying etc.) and living costs incurred as a result of undertaking a student programme at the University.  

      Fees shall be paid by the student in accordance with the terms of the Student Fee Policy and Procedure and the Credit Control Policy.

      When making any payment to the University it is essential that you let us know what the payment relates to (for example tuition fees, accommodation costs, library fees etc.). This is to enable the University to correctly allocate your payment against your various accounts. If you do not tell us what a particular payment relates to we will try to contact you at the address, email address or telephone number you have provided to ascertain what the payment relates to. If we cannot contact you in this way within a reasonable period of time, we will automatically allocate your payment to the Suspense Account until notified.

      In line with the University Student Fee Policy and the Credit Control Policy and Procedure, students in debt to the University, whether in respect of tuition fees, accommodation charges or any other sums, may not be permitted to attend graduation ceremonies, or to re-enrol, until such time as the debt has been paid in full or satisfactory arrangements are agreed for repayment. In the event of non-payment by a student of any such sums, the University may raise court proceedings for payment and the student by his or her acceptance of the University's offer of admission agrees with the University that the Scottish Courts will have exclusive jurisdiction to deal with such proceedings and that in any such proceedings these Student Enrolment Terms and Conditions and any contract into which they are imported will be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the law of Scotland.

      Please note that if you download any teaching materials or digital content made available to you in relation to the student programme, in accordance with the University’s Pro Rata Charges guidelines you may lose the right to a full refund of Fees if you withdraw from your studies or notify the University of your intention to cancel within 14 days of your acceptance of these Terms. 

    • Student Residences

       If you are in University managed accommodation, your Accommodation Contract sets out your legal rights and responsibilities. Further information may be obtained from the Residence Team.


    • Students’ Association
      All Students are automatically registered as members of the UWS Students’ Association (SAUWS) unless you notify the President of the Association that you do not wish to register. Details of the procedures for opting-out of membership at under http://www.uws.ac.uk/current-students/student-support/student-association/
    • Health and Safety

       The University of the West of Scotland is committed to providing you with a safe and healthy environment while you are with us.  You still have a responsibility for your own safety and that of other people who could be affected by what you do and also what you don’t do.

      For health and safety reasons all students and staff are required to comply with the University´s Health and Safety Policy, Procedures and Risk Assessments.  These are intended to ensure your safety in the University.  

      These documents include:


      • The Fire Procedures, posted on the walls throughout the buildings, intended to ensure your safety in the event of a fire alarm, 
      • The First Aid Procedure, again posted on the walls.  You can get first aid by phoning 0141 848 3505 and, 
      • The Smoke Free University Policy, which means that staff, students and visitors are not allowed to smoke or use e-cigarettes or other electronic nicotine dispensers anywhere within the University of the West of Scotland Campuses, including all University grounds, buildings (including Residence bedrooms and common areas) and vehicles. 


      The University may take disciplinary action against anyone who does not follow the Health and Safety Policy or who misuses or interferes with health and safety equipment such as fire extinguishers or who puts themselves or other people at risk. It should be remembered that we all, including students, have a duty of care to others.  This means that not only must you not behave in an unsafe manner but also that you must report any unsafe situation to Health and Safety Services

      The University aims to promote the health of its students and staff through encouraging; access to local health providers such as doctors and dentists, healthy eating, sports and exercise, and moderation in the use of alcohol, etc.

      Further information and guidance regarding Health and Safety, including personal safety may be foundat the Health and Safety Services internet site.

    • University Disclaimer
      The University cannot accept any responsibility, and expressly excludes liability, for damage to students’ property including theft and the transfer of computer viruses to students’ equipment.  Students are advised to insure their property against the risk of theft and damage.
    • Complaints Procedure

      The University’s Complaints Handling Procedure reflects our commitment to valuing complaints and seeking to improve the student experience. Our aim is to resolve issues of dissatisfaction as close to the initial point of contact as possible and to conduct thorough and fair investigations of formal complaints so that, where appropriate, we can make evidence-based decisions on the facts of each individual case.

      UWS is committed to providing the highest level of service for its students and members of the public who may have contact with the University. However, the University recognises that, on occasion, legitimate complaints may be raised by students or members of the Public.

      If you wish to raise a complaint, please follow the University’s Complaints Handling Procedure. You should address any complaints to: complaints@uws.ac.uk or by post to University of the West of Scotland, Court & Senate Office, High Street, Paisley PA1 2BE.

    • Data collection, publication and sharing of personal data

      The University of the West of Scotland recognises the importance of the protection of personal data. Our Data Protection Policy sets out the rules we follow when processing student data.

      The University maintains student data in secure conditions and details of organisations, with whom we may share your data, can be found in the Privacy Notice Students.

      In the future you may meet the criteria required in relation to the Destination of Leavers from Higher Education Survey (DLHE) & the National Student Survey (NSS).  If you would prefer not to take part, information on how to opt-out will be provided when the University invites you to participate.

      The University is registered as a data controller with the Office of theInformation Commissioner (ICO)andundertakes to process student data only within the terms of its registration.   If you have a specific enquiry about student related data, contact the University's Data Protection Officer (the FOI & Records Manager) at foi@uws.ac.uk.

    • Criminal Convictions
      Please find link to the UWS Criminal Convictions Policy.  If you commit an offence whilst you are a UWS student, you must declare this in writing to the Head of Registry.
    • Cancellation and Withdrawal

      Your rights and obligations under these Terms will end automatically, subject to your rights of internal appeal and your obligation to pay fees, if your studies with the University are terminated as a result of: -

      1. action taken against you in accordance with the University's disciplinary or fitness to practice procedures;
      2. a decision of a Progression and Awards Board, based on your academic performance;
      3. non-payment of fees, in accordance with the University's policy on payment of fees and these Terms;
      4. failure to participate in your programme of study, as required by the University;
      5. if you are expelled or dismissed from the University or other organisation which you are required to attend or be a member of as part of your programme, the University may terminate your enrolment under these Terms immediately by written notice to you;
      6. if, between accepting an offer and starting your student programme, there is a change in your circumstances which, in the reasonable opinion of the University, makes it inappropriate for you to study on your student programme;
      7. if the University becomes aware of information about you which it did not know before (for example, unspent criminal convictions) which, in the reasonable opinion of the University, makes it inappropriate for you to study on your student programme;
      8. If, in the reasonable opinion of the University, you have failed to provide the University with all relevant information, or have supplied false or misleading information, relating to your application for your student programme.

      If at any time your enrolment under these Terms terminates:

      1. the University shall be entitled to refuse to enroll you on your student programme (if, at the date of termination, you have not already enrolled);
      2. the University shall be entitled to require you to stop studying on your programme and to leave the University immediately (if, at the date of termination, you have enrolled).

       If at any time your enrolment under these Terms terminates, your obligations are:

      1. to return to Registry, the Student Identification Card issued to you on enrolment, together with all property owned by the University; or
      2. to pay all outstanding fees owed to the University under these Terms immediately.

      You are entitled to cancel your enrolment by giving notice to the University within the period set out in the current Pro Rata Charges guidelines.  The date on which you give notice will determine the amount of any tuition or accommodation fees that will be refunded.

      Any action taken by the University under the above provisions will not restrict its ability to take any other action against you which it may be entitled to take. The University will not be liable for any loss or damage which you may suffer as a result.

      In certain extreme circumstances outside your control, it may be possible to transfer to another student programme, or transfer fees to the next academic year.  The reasons for the circumstances must be discussed with your Programme Leader at the earliest opportunity, and appropriate evidence will usually need to be submitted. 

      You are required to inform your Personal Tutor/Programme Leader and Registry of your withdrawal from any module (even where no reduction in fees or transfer applies). 

    • Notices
      Any notice given under this Agreement shall be in writing.  Letters will be addressed to you at your semester time or home address as appropriate, at the last address you gave to Registry for either residence. Registry must be kept updated by you at all times. Letters shall be deemed to have been properly served when delivered by hand to that address, or 48 hours after being posted to that address if sent by pre-paid first class post.  Good service may also be given by email to your UWS student email account in which case service shall be deemed effective 48 hours after sending.  It is your responsibility to ensure that you notify Registry of any change in address, telephone and email details.
    • Severability
      If any provision of these Terms shall be held by any court or other competent authority to be void or unenforceable, in whole or in part, the contract entered into by you and the University under these Terms shall continue to be valid as to the other provisions contained in it and the remainder of the affected provision.
    • Queries

       Queries about these Terms and Conditions should be directed to:

      The University Secretary and Registrar  
      University of the West of Scotland  
      Paisley Campus
      PA1 2BE