Exams and Assessment

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    Here you will find University of the West of Scotland examination timetables and other relevant information relating to exams and assessments, information on accessing module results, information about re-assessments, and information on Academic Transcripts. 

  • Examinations and Assessments

    • Exam Diets - Dates
      Examination diets for academic session 2016-17:

      Trimester 1:
      Mon 17 – Sat 22 October (inclusive)
      Mon 12 – Sat 17 December (inclusive)

      Trimester 2:
      Mon 13 – Sat 18 February (inclusive)
      Tues 18 – Sat 22 April (inclusive)

      Trimester 3:
      Mon 19 – Sat 24 June (inclusive)
      Mon 14 – Sat 19 August (inclusive)

      Please note that assessments for some programmes fall outwith these dates and students are advised to contact their programme leaders for more information.

      Examination timetables are published below, as they become available.
    • Exam Timetables - Dates and Venues

      May 2017 (confirmed version)


      June 2017 (draft version)

      Examinations on university campuses :

      Examinations at other venues :

      All enquiries concerning dates and times on the draft schedule should be directed to the appropriate module co-ordinator, who may request that changes are made to the draft timetable. All requests must be made by the module co-ordinator to the Exams Unit by Friday 19th May 2017. No alterations to the timetable will be accepted after that date.

      The confirmed dates and times will be published no later than Monday 29th May. Information on the venues for the exams will be available by Friday 2nd June. Students are advised to re-check the dates and times of their exams no more than 2 weeks before the start of the examination period, as late changes are sometimes unavoidable.

      Examination Clashes
      If you find that two of your exams are scheduled to take place on the same day and at the same time, please contact the Examinations Unit immediately, in person via The Hub at the Library (Paisley campus), or by telephone on 0141 848 3857, or by email at examinations@uws.ac.uk, in order that alternative arrangements can be made.

      All notifications of exam clashes must be received by the Exams Unit no later than Friday 9th June. It may not be possible for alternative arrangements to be made for any student who fails to inform the Exams Unit by this date.

    • How to Complete Exam Booklets
    • Student Conduct in Examinations
    • Cheating and Plagiarism
    • Copies of past examination papers
       Where available, question papers from previous examination diets can be accessed by students by logging onto Moodle and clicking on the Quick Link section entitled “Assessment and Past Papers”. Copies of past papers can also be purchased from the University’s Printing Services on each campus.
    • Extenuating Circumstances and Appeals

      Extenuating Circumstances: The University recognises that, as a result of very exceptional personal circumstances, students may be unable to complete assignments or to attend examinations, or be unable to do themselves justice in assessed assignments or exams.  Where you believe your performance in an assessment has been adversely affected by extenuating circumstances, such as an illness, then you can submit an Extenuating Circumstances Statement.

      Student Academic Appeals: You have the right to appeal against Subject Panel (SP) or Progression and Award Board (PAB) decisions under certain circumstances after you have received official notification of your results.

      Further information on Extenuating Circumstances and Appeals are at Rights and Regulations.

    • Disability Support or Temporary Hand/Arm Injury

      Students with disability support requirements

      Students who have a disability, and/or specific learning difficulty such as dyslexia, are advised to register with the University's Disability Service as soon as possible in order to ensure that individual arrangements are put in place to support their studies, including exam arrangements: Exam Guidance Notes for Students with Disability Support Requirements

      Students with temporary hand or arm injury

      Students who suffer an injury affecting their ability to write in an exam are referred to the Procedure for students with temporary hand and arm injuries.

  • Accessing Your Module Results

    • Where can I access my module results ?
      You will be able to access your module results from the “Grade” screen within Student Self Service Banner - go to https://ssb.uws.ac.uk/

      Your 'UserID' is your banner ID eg. B001111. Your PIN is a 6-digit number which you will be required to re-set at first use. If you forget your PIN contact ITDS (Information, Technology & Digital Services).  For more information on Self Service Banner and a User Guide visit the ITDS section of the website.

      You will also be able to use the same screen to see the decision of the PAB (Progression and Awards Board), which will show you whether you are eligible to progress to the next stage of your programme; whether you are eligible for an award; or whether you are required to undertake re-assessments.
    • When will this information be available ?
      Trimester 1 (TM1) module results will start to become available from early February.

      Trimester 2 (TM2) module results will start to become available from early June.

      Trimester 3 (TM3/Resit) module results will start to become available from early September.

      These module results have been confirmed and approved by the subject panel and the subject external examiner. They take account of mitigation claims which have been upheld by the University Mitigation Panel.

      Where appropriate, decisions from the Progression and Awards Boards will start to become available in mid February for TM1, mid June for TM2, and mid September for TM3.

      More precise dates are published on Moodle's 'Welcome' page and on Student Self Service Banner Main Menu nearer the time.

      Results and decisions are released as quickly as possible following these dates, so students are advised to keep looking at Self Service Banner on a regular basis.

      If your results are not shown by the end of February for TM1, the end of June for TM2, and the end of September for TM3/Resit, you are advised to contact your School or personal tutor. Please do NOT contact the Examinations Unit direct, as they are unlikely to be able to give you more information and this will just cause delays in the releasing of the results.
    • Will the results still be sent to me by post ?
      All students will be able to access their module results and progression / award decision on-line via Student Self-Service Banner. If you are deemed eligible for an award from the University, this information will be confirmed in a results letter which will be sent to you within 5 working days of the date when the award was approved by the Progression and Awards Board.
    • What do I do if I cannot access the information ?
      If you are having technical problems in accessing the results via Banner, you should look at the user guide available on Moodle. If you experience problems logging in, you should contact:

      ITDS (Information, Technology & Digital Services)
      Telephone: 0141 848 3999
      Email: helpdesk@uws.ac.uk 
    • Who should I contact if I have any questions about my results?

      If you have any questions about your examinations or coursework results, you should contact your School in the first instance. List of school contacts (pdf).

      The Examinations Unit can be contacted by e-mail at examinations@uws.ac.uk or by telephone on 0141 848 3940.

  • Information about Re-Assessments

    • When do the resit examinations take place?

      Resits from modules studied in the previous academic session 2015-16 will be taken at the time that the module is next offered. For example, if the module is running in Trimester 1 of 2016-17 then the resit will be in December 2016.  If the module is running in Trimester 2 of session 2016-17 then the resit will be in April 2017.

      Students are strongly recommended to contact their module co-ordinator to ascertain when the resit exam is scheduled to take place.  Failure to attend the resit at the appropriate time may lead to loss of attempt.

      For most programmes, the resit diet for modules studied in 2016-17 will take place from Monday 19th June - Saturday 24th June 2017 inclusive.  The examinations will include evening slots commencing at 18:00 and on Saturday mornings and afternoons.  However, some modules may have different arrangements for their resits, and students are strongly recommended to contact their module co-ordinator to confirm the exam diet for specific modules.

    • When & where will the June examination timetable be published?

      It is anticipated that the provisional timetable for the June 2017 exams at each campus will be published here by mid April 2017.

      It is your responsibility to note the dates, times and venues for your examinations from the final confirmed version of the timetable which will be published here by the end of May 2017.

    • Is it possible to sit my exams outwith the University or overseas?
      It may be possible to make arrangements to sit your resit examination outwith the University or overseas (subject to payment of an administrative charge and the availability of an approved venue). Any student wishing to apply to sit a resit examination outwith the University or overseas should read the guidance notes and complete the Application Form. Please note the deadlines for receipt of the completed form are as stated on the application form.
    • Who should I contact if I have any questions?

      If you have any questions about your resit examinations or re-submission of coursework, you should contact your School in the first instance. List of school contacts (pdf).

      The Examinations Unit can be contacted by e-mail at examinations@uws.ac.uk or by telephone on 0141 848 3940.

    • When can I enrol for session 2017-18?
      If you have resits, you will not be eligible to enrol for session 2017-18 until the results of your resits have been considered by a Progression and Awards Board. Depending on the progression decision of the Board, you may then be eligible to enrol. Further details on enrolment can be found at www.uws.ac.uk/enrol.
  • Academic Transcripts

    Current and former students are entitled to request a copy of their Academic Transcript which is a complete record of their academic attainment with UWS and any transferred credit from another institution