Grade Point Average

  • When you complete a module at UWS you will receive mark expressed as a percentage. This mark is associated with a grade, so if you get a mark of 65% that would mean a grade of B1. From 2016/17 a grade point average will be applied to your result too, so your B1 grade would give you a grade point score of 2.5. When you have completed all of your modules that contribute towards your degree your GPA scores will be averaged to reach your Grade Point Average.

    This scheme is being introduced to first year students only and the normal degree classifications will continue as GPA is introduced. If you are joining 2nd or 3rd year of your programme this will not impact you.

    Mark Grade UWS
    90% - 100% A1 4 1st
    80% - 89% A2 3.5 1st
    70% - 79% A3 3 1st
    60% - 69% B1 2.5 2:1
    50% - 59% B2 2 2:2
    40% - 49% C 1.5 3rd
    30% - 39% D 1  
    1% - 29% E 0.5  

     Download our Grade Point Average Guide (pdf) for more information.