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  • UWS is providing a student-centred, personalised learning experience called MyJourney. This platform provides student access to programme level engagement and performance data and allows comparison of their engagement and performance with fellow students. This presents a rich environment in which to review and develop their approach to learning and understand how well they are tackling assessments.


    The engagement section in MyJourney shows attendance and use of the library, online resources and learning environments compares with other students.


    The performance section allows review of assessment marks in the context of the whole class. MyJourney also provides an opportunity for students to discuss progress with their personal tutor and identify ways in which to grow and develop.


    Careful consideration is given to privacy and the engagement and performance information is presented in ways that maintains security and privacy of personal data.

    Through the development of MyJourney, university staff and students have created a rich opportunity for self-reflection and development that empowers students in taking ownership of their university and learning experience.

    To access MyJourney, follow this link: