EACES 2012 Conference

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  • The 12th EACES Conference will take place at University of the West of Scotland's Paisley Campus from 6-8 September 2012.

    Recovery or Lasting Depression? Comparing Economic Prospects 

    This three day conference will focus on how different economies have developed and how they have fared in the aftermath of economic and financial crisis, some recovering rapidly and some facing deep difficulties.

    Diverse reactions and developments in different parts of the world have demonstrated the importance of an open-minded approach to understanding economic developments.

    Dramatic changes have taken place and are taking place and the outcomes for individual countries and the world economy remain very uncertain. The comparative approach, drawing on experience of studying changing economic systems, can make an important contribution.

    The two keynote speakers will be Paul Hare (Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh) and Sergei Guriev (New Economic School, Moscow). 

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