• All students studying during academic year 2014-15 must complete enrolment. 

    Trimester 1 Enrolment (August/September 2014):  Students studying in Trimester 1 should have completed their enrolment by Friday 3 October 2014.  After this date you should contact your School to discuss possible Late Enrolment. 

    Trimester 2 Enrolment (January 2015): Online Enrolment is open for part time students starting their studies in Trimester 2.  Full time students starting in Trimester 2 will be able to enrol during Induction Week (26-30 January 2015), after receiving guidance and information on their module selections.

    The Online Enrolment Team is on hand to help if you have any queries or difficulties with your enrolment, email:enrol@uws.ac.uk

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