• Trimester 1 (September 2016)

    You should have completed your enrolment by the end of Week 3, Friday 23 September 2016.  After this date you should have contacted your School to discuss possible Late Enrolment.

    Trimester 2 (January 2017)

    If starting your studies in Trimester 2, you should be enrolled before the start of Trimester 2 (Wednesday 4 January), and no later than the end of Week 2 (Friday 13 January).  Online Enrolment is now open.

    New part time students can enrol any time after their modules have been added by an Educational Guidance Adviser in their School.

    New full time students, including Erasmus and Exchange Students, should enrol during the first week of Trimester 2 when they will receive programme and module advice at an induction event.  Modules should be added by School staff prior to completing enrolment.

    Student ID Cards used to Register Attendance:  Student ID cards are used to register attendance in all classrooms, lecture theatres and labs. ID cards need to be ‘activated’ in order to work, and this is undertaken by Student Administration and/or the Student Link.  New students will be issued with cards already activated.  Continuing students should refer to the section below "ID Card for Continuing Students" to find out how to have their cards activated.

    Further information - Am I Eligible to Enrol?, When Can I Enrol? and Enrolment Frequently Asked Questions

    Enrolment Terms and Conditions


  • Enrolment Information

    • Link to Online Enrolment

      Your User ID is your Banner ID. This 8-digit number appears on correspondence you will have received from UWS and begins B00……

      Your Personal Identification Number (PIN) is set initially as your date of birth in the format ddmmyy

      Enrol online using Self Service Banner

    • Help to enrol
      Our Online Enrolment User Guide gives you a step-by-step guide through online enrolment.

      Help is available throughout the Online Enrolment process. If you are unsure about any of the questions being asked or what you are doing, please refer to Help.

      For any further assistance email the Online Enrolment Team at enrol@uws.ac.uk
    • Obtain your student ID card

      Your student ID number (Banner ID) is your unique identifier at the University.  Your student ID card is important as it gives you access to the Library and other University facilities.  It is required as proof of identity and valid student status for entry to examination halls and collecting grant or loan cheques.  From 2016/17 it is also swiped in lecture theatres, classrooms and labs to register your attendance.

      You may have uploaded a photograph during Online Enrolment, but if this was not done you should email a photo to studentcard@uws.ac.uk, or send a passport-sized photo with your name and Banner ID on the reverse to Student Administration on your Campus.

      During the period 5-16 September, you can have a photograph taken by staff, and/or collect your card from: D132 (Paisley); A154 (Hamilton); GT.27 (Ayr); Student Link (Dumfries).  From 19 September, come to the Student Link on your campus (The Hub at Paisley).

      ID cards will be posted out to new part time students, and students at Partner Colleges.

    • Suitable photo for your ID card

      Ideally your photo should be:

      • Passport size (3.5 x 4.5 cm)
      • Full colour
      • Head & shoulders, or full face only
      • No sunglasses
      • Plain (not white) background
      • Free of headwear, unless normally worn for religious reasons
      • JPG, JPEG & GIF file types
      • No larger than 1MB

      If your photo is not suitable you will be asked to provide another one.

    • ID card for Continuing Students

      If you are a continuing student you will already have a Student ID card which lasts for the duration of your programme.  However, you should note some changes for 2016/17 - your card will now be used to record your attendance at classes.  So, depending on when you started your programme, you will either need a new card or you will need your card activated.  Arrangements for this are as follows:

      Students who started in 2015/16 – You will need to have your existing ID card ‘activated’ before you start attending classes in September. Bring your ID card to the location below for your card to be activated. 

      From 5-16 Sept: A154 (Hamilton); D132 (Paisley); Student Link (Ayr & Dumfries)

      From 19-23 Sept: Committee Room One, Almada Building (Hamilton); The Hub (Paisley); Student Link (Ayr and Dumfries)

      Students who started pre-2015/16 – A new replacement card will be available for collection - see below for details. The card will already be activated.

      From 5-16 Sept: A154 (Hamilton); D132 (Paisley); Student Link (Ayr & Dumfries).

      From 19-23 Sept: Committee Room One, Almada Building (Hamilton); The Hub (Paisley); Student Link (Ayr and Dumfries)

      You must remember to bring your ID card to all classes, as this will be used to register your attendance.  You should also remember to bring your card to exams.

      If your card has expired or you have changed programme or there is any other change, we will produce a replacement card for you. Email your request to studentcard@uws.ac.uk advising of the change required, or use the Student ID Card Request Form.  Your photo image will be on record, so you won't need to provide a new photo.

      If you have lost your card you can obtain a replacement card at a cost of £6 via the Online Store.

    • Check if you are enrolled
      If you are unsure if you have enrolled fully, you can check in Self Service Banner. If you are already enrolled you will receive an enrolment certificate as proof of your enrolment, and can obtain a summary of your modules.  Note that access to your modules on Moodle does not guarantee that you are enrolled as a student, so you are advised to check in Banner if you are unsure.