Family Health Nursing International Conference

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  • Overview

    UWS in collaboration with Universities and leading nurse professionals across Europe had the pleasure of coordinating one of the first international research conferences in Family Health Nursing (FHN) 25th and 26th October 2012, Berlin, Germany.

    As well as presenting the key areas of the work ongoing by the Family Health Nursing in Europe Project (FamNrsE), this conference brought together key members in nursing and represented a significant step forward in moving towards an international solution to changing healthcare needs.

  • Costs

    The conference fee was €85 and included refreshments, lunch and conference dinner on the first evening. Travel to the conference venue was at the expense of each individual.

  • Conference Timetable

    To find out more information on the Family Health Nursing Conference, download the Conference Timetable.

  • Conference Themes

    This conference appealed to anyone with an interest in the changing dynamics of nursing in the community and in the home. Professionals in the field enjoyed a wide-ranging programme that interested a variety of medical and nurse professionals, nurse educators, researchers, health economists and health policy makers.

    The conference focused on issues surrounding the new model of healthcare delivery within the home and community originally introduced by the World Health Organisation termed the Family Health Nurse (FHN). Participation in this conference was an important networking event in the field and presented a unique opportunity to gain new insights and take part in critical discussions surrounding the changing structure of community healthcare and nursing delivery