Life at UWS

  • UWS is typical of the friendly and warm nature for which Scotland is famous. Our modern campuses are relaxed and culturally diverse, contributed to by our international students who originate from over 60 countries.

    The West of Scotland offers an exciting array of entertainment, history, culture and sport, while the beautiful Scottish countryside and coastline lies close to our campuses. By choosing to study at UWS you will benefit from an exciting and cosmopolitan environment.
    • About Scotland

      Welcome to Scotland, A culture steeped in history, dramatic untouched scenery, bustling towns and cities and a world renowned education system. If you want all this and more while you study, UWS is the place for you.

      Famed for our hospitality and friendly nature, Scotland promises a welcoming and supportive home away from home during your studies.

      • 91% of international students describe Scotland as ‘a good place to be’*
      • 88% are satisfied with support from their international office – that’s more than in the rest of the UK and Europe*
      • 96% of international students in Scotland are satisfied with their lecturers’ expertise*

      *iGraduate 2008

    • Student Testimonials

      Dave, MSc Health Studies student from India


      Wang, School of Science and Sports student from China


      Mo Zhou – BA Business Studies student from China
      Mo Zhou – BA Business Studies student at UWS


      “I love Scotland and UWS, I have made so many friends here and I am able to take part in social trips to see the beautiful sights of Scotland, including Loch Ness! The teaching at UWS is amazing and both tutors and lecturers are very helpful.”
      “If I had one piece of advice for students looking to come to the UK it would be - come to Scotland and study at UWS, it is a wonderful place to learn, with friendly staff and great facilities!”


      Anastasia Khatuntseva – MSc Waste & Clean Technologies student from Russia

      Anastasia Khatuntseva – MSc Waste and Clean Technologies student at UWS

      “I am so happy to be in Scotland! The professors at UWS have huge experience and so their lectures are always so interesting! As well as this UWS gives me access to a lot of modern facilities which can help me with coursework and my education! So far my time here has been perfect and I look forward to spending more time at the university and meeting new friends!”

      Mohammed Ebrahim – BEng Chemical Engineering student from Bahrain

      Mohammed Ebrahim – BEng Chemical Engineering student at UWS

      “I think the key to a successful and bright future starts from studying at UWS, a university which accommodates all my needs and dreams!”
    • UWS Campuses

      UWS incorporates four distinctive campuses situated in the west and south-west of Scotland: Ayr, Dumfries, Hamilton and Paisley; each town has its own individual character, architecture and social-scene. Whether you choose an urban or rural environment, our four campuses offer you a gateway to the best that the West of Scotland has to offer and an unparalleled educational experience.

      Find out more about Ayr Campus.

      Find out more about Dumfries Campus.

      Find out more about Hamilton Campus.

      Find out more about Paisley Campus.

      UWS in London

      UWS has opened a new campus in the heart of London. The campus is only 15 minutes' walk from Tower Bridge and is a delivery hub for Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate degrees in Business and Health.

      Find out more about London Campus.

    • Accommodation
      Whether you choose a modern en-suite at our recently opened Ayr Campus, one of our private flats in the picturesque town of Dumfries, take advantage of the new £13.2million student accommodation which opened in Paisley, or simply want to be at the heart of campus life in Hamilton, there’s never been a better time to stay in our student residences. 

      Living in our university residences is a great way to meet new people, make new friends, and gain some independence. With accommodation starting from just £85 per week, it is a relatively affordable choice.

      All of our accommodation is self-catered and cooking facilities are provided.

      Find out more about Ayr Campus accommodation.

      Find out more about Dumfries Campus accommodation.

      Find out more about Hamilton Campus accommodation.

      Find out more about Paisley Campus accommodation.

      For more information, including our insurance policy and what is provided by the accommodation team, please go to the accommodation website.

    • International Student Support

      We understand that choosing to move overseas for your studies can be daunting; that’s why we offer plenty of support to prepare you for your time at UWS, throughout your education and after you graduate.

      Our dedicated team of international student advisors help make the transition to student life in Scotland as smooth as possible and can help with a variety of matters prior to, and for the duration of your time here, including:

      • Immigration and visa enquiries
      • Working in the UK
      • Letters for visiting relatives
      • Finance
      • Welfare and health benefits
      • General wellbeing

      Visit International Student Support for further information.

      Download our Visa Guide for step-by-step information on applying for a Tier 4 General Student visa from within the UK.  This includes information on the amount of money that you need to apply.  




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