Creative and Cultural Industries Research

  • Research Degrees 2017-18

    In addition to the taught postgraduate courses offered, we offer a wide range of research opportunities for suitably qualified applicants and which are aligned to the Schools’ research areas of expertise. Opportunities exist to undertake research projects for the awards of:

    • Master of Research (MRes)
    • Master of Philosophy (MPhil)
    • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

    Research areas:

    Scholarships, Bursaries and Payment Incentives*

    For 2017-18 we are offering a the following scholarship for Research students:

    International Research Excellence Scholarship

    • For self-funding, full fee paying (non-EU) students offered a place on a full time research programme at UWS. Scholarship Amount: £2000
      How to apply: Please state on your research application that you are applying for an International Research Excellence Scholarship.

    * the provision and level of scholarships, bursaries and incentives are reviewed annually

  • Studentships

    Our studentships are now open for application please visit for more information and application details.


    Creative media research within the school is overseen by the Creative Futures Institute with additional research clusters in Creative Practice, Journalism, and the Scottish Centre for Island Studies.

    The School’s full range of work and activities is underpinned by an extremely strong research base, across all of its areas, evidenced by success in securing external funding, contracts, extensive publications and impressive external quality ratings.

    Our social sciences research work is now configured around two Research Groups, both of which benefits from Professorial leadership: Health Behaviours and Policy and Social Work.

    We have a significant community of postgraduate research students who benefit from expert supervision based on our proven research strengths.



    • Creative Futures Institute


      CFi is a locus for interdisciplinary research at the University of the West of Scotland, generating a wide range of research from screen studies to social media. It is based in the School of Creative & Cultural Industries with Associates from around the University. The cf. fosters an advanced, theoretically informed and practice-led research culture, identifying key questions relevant to Scotland in a global economy. Our Associates work collaboratively across disciplines and with the wider CCI school research community, generating original insights that creates impact and influences global decisions about innovation, creativity and culture. 

      What we do 

      CFi puts transdisciplinary learning at the heart of research development, building understanding through art, science, social science & the humanities, to develop a vision for the future that is creative, responsible & inspiring. Within the Institute, we aim to build collaborative research communities and support individual excellence, where knowledge is developed through a range of disciplinary insights. Through our work, we want to reconstitute the knowledge economy in a way that gives due credit to the complexity of ideas and discoveries, drawing as much from the arts as we do from the sciences.  

      You can find out more about us on our dedicated website 

      and follow us on Twitter at 

    • UWS Creative Media Academy

      The UWS Creative Media Academy comprises degree programmes which are accredited by Creative Skillset, BJTC, JAMES and Drama UK. It offers programmes focused on professional practice, dedicated to vocationally relevant education to anticipate the skills needs of the creative and cultural industries. Each programme pays close attention to fast-developing converging technologies and new business models in the creative industries. 

      Students learn through modules taught by practitioners reflecting current industry ‘best practice’. Expertise across a range of interconnected disciplines is embedded across our different programmes including Broadcast Media, Film-making and Scriptwriting, Digital Art, Commercial Music and Music Technology, Performance, Broadcast Journalism, Computer Games Technology and Animation.

      The Academy has strong links with industry and the public sector which support; skills and talent development, business growth and the knowledge economy. It has established a Glasgow Creative Enterprise Cluster, a locus for industry facing, multidisciplinary projects and public events at CCA: Centre for Contemporary Arts and projects at Film City Glasgow

      In 2012 we developed the Media Academy Knowledge Exchange (MAKE), a University hub on our Paisley Campus set up to develop industry focused knowledge exchange and research projects.

    • Media Academy Knowledge Exchange (MAKE)

      Our Media Academy Knowledge Exchange (MAKE), housed on our Paisley campus, provides a space for our researchers to collaborate and develop projects with external partners. 

      It brings together the UWS Creative Media Academy, Creative Futures Research institute, members of our different research groups and our doctoral students in a suite of offices and meeting spaces. 

      With high quality audiovisual screening facilities, a modern, flexible open space for researchers and industry partners to interact, and dedicated deskspace for doctoral researchers, MAKE offers space for meetings, workshops, screenings and small-scale events.

    • Impact

      Our research generates original insights that inform creative social practices, ranging from the visual and performing arts to journalism, communication, social networking and cultural events. Our findings contribute crucial discoveries about humanity’s social, political and cultural life; the research also foregrounds new & imaginative subjects and forms of creative expression & practice. 

      Our main non-academic user groups, beneficiaries and audiences 

      We have fostered relationships with creatively engaged professionals (e.g. curators, artists, event organisers, media professionals) and policy makers. Our impact activities typically engages with the general public and we estimate that the total number of people attending and participating in activities informed by our research since 2008 is in excess of 1.5 million, based on figures associated with the Abandon Normal Device Festival, Edinburgh International Science Festival, Wellcome Trust exhibition, and citizen journalism projects of Vancouver 2010 and London 2012. 

      What types of impact have we achieved? 

      Since 2008 we have achieved impact in: 

      Civil society: involvement with artists, galleries, curators, festivals and mega-events (e.g. London 2012) to influence and contribute their strategic development (e.g. FACT Liverpool, Cornerhouse Manchester) and the specific content of exhibitions and novel festival programmes (e.g. Wellcome Trust, Abandon Normal Devices (AND), We Play, Edinburgh International Science Festival). 

      Cultural life: we have partnered with, and our research has informed the realisation of new artistic works, designs and other forms of expression (e.g. artists and designers), including opportunities for the public to co-create new experiences that have enriched their lives (e.g. citizen journalism research). 

      Economic prosperity: the exhibitions, shows and other creative productions inspired by our research generate economic activity (ticket sales, associated event materials, attracting visitors to venues). The AND Festival generated an additional £3 million investment in the North West of England. 

      Policy-making: we have contributed research-based evidence to national and European policy discussions, for example the European Parliament’s inquiries and policy development in the areas of digital strategy and human enhancement. 

      Public discourse: the creative production generated by our research, and its subsequent media coverage, have stimulated and provided robust arguments in discussions and debate on topics ranging from bioethics to the role of science in society.

  • Research Outputs

    The School of Creative & Cultural Industries submitted 15 staff to the Research Excellence Framework 2014, increasing its submission by 50% since the previous exercise. In RAE2008, the School's output achieved 95% recognition of work as international or national standard.

    This following presentation contains details of recent outputs from members of the school. For more complete lists, see the staff profiles for individual members of staff.

    • 2012
      Miah, A. 2012 The Athlete is the Alchemist': Elite Sports as Transhuman Practices Physical Cultural Studies: A Constitutive Anthology Silk, M. & Andrews, D.L

      Miah, A. 2011 Communicating Nanotechnology: Public Engagement, Ethics and New Media In Pursuit of Nanoethics Springer Gordijn, B. & Cutter, A.M

      Miah, A. 2012 A Digital Olympics, MIT Press

      Miah, A. 2012 The Olympics: The Basics Routledge

      Miah, A. 2011 Justifying Human Enhancement: The Accumulation of Biocultural Capital The Transhumanism Reader

      Robertson, J. 2011 ‘Bias in UK News Coverage of Economic Issues’ Media, Culture & Society

      Robertson, J. 2011 ‘The Quality of Discussion on the Economy in UK Political Blogs in 2008’ Parliamentary Affairs

      Robertson, J. 2011 Careers in Journalism for the Disabled’ Disability and Society (Under Review)

      Tucker, P. 2011 Director, The Beatles in Scotland' (in production) Documentary in Gaelic telling of The Beatles connectionto Scotland STV for BBC Alba
    • 2011
       Clarke, S. 2011 One Minute Volume 3: Artists Video, Marseille Project Gallery, France Mercury

      Clarke, S. 2011 View For Architecture Cloud Chamber' installation documentation and text Kyoto University of Art and design Prof. Satoshi Matsuoka and Yuki Tamura

      Clifford, A. 2011 Sound Thought 2011, The Arches/ University of Glasgow Sound Thought 2011 The Arches/ University of Glasgow

      Foley, M., McGillivray, D., McPherson, G. (2011) Event Policy: From Theory to Strategy. Routledge.

      Hepburn, S. 2011 Chic’s Last Night” 90 minute Drama on the life and death of Scots Comic Chic Murray.

      Hepburn, S. 2011 Ignatius Bay” Lead Writer and Show Runner Developing the Series Arc and Bible for KoCo Productions and BBC

      Manderson, D. 2011 Original Novel: Lost Bodies Lost Bodies Kennedy & Boyd

      Manderson, D. 2011 Location/Dis-Location: Film and the Trossachs Walter Scott and Literary Tourism Association of Scottish Literary Studies

      Manderson, D. 2011 Extract from practice as research PhD thesis novel Lost Bodies Gutter Magazine Freight Publishing

      Manderson, D. 2011 Review: Self-Publishing Simplified by Brent Sampson (Outlook Press) Journal of Writing in Education Routledge

      Manderson, D. 2011 Review: New Writing from Scotland - Sampler (Scottish Book Trust) Journal of Writing in Education Routledge

      Manderson, D. 2011 Local Hero, written and directed by Bill Forsyth Scotnote Vol 30 n/a Association of Scottish Literary Studies

      Manderson, D. 2011 The Creative Crucible: The Forging of Creative Practice in the Academy Creative Paradox University of Bedfordshire

      Manderson, D. 2011 Review: A Sparrow's Flight by Margaret Elphinstone Scotlit Association of Scottish Literary Studies

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      Manderson, D. 2011 Local Hero: by Bill Forsyth Scotnote: Scotland on Screen Association of Scottish Literary Studies

      Manderson, D. 2011 Review: An Honest Trade: Booksellers and Bookselling in Scotland Scotlit Association of Scottish Literary Studies

      Manderson, D. 2011 Review: The Demotic in Literature New Writing Journal Routledge

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      Miah, A. 2011 Open Source Protest: Human Rights, Online Activism, and the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Transnational Protests and the Media Peter Lang Cottle, S. & Lester, L., Transnational Media Peter Lang Publishers.
    • 2010
       Clarke, S. 2010 The Aesthetics of Contemporary Art and Environmental Aesthetics' 19(3) Environmental Values Journal 350-371 Splash, C. Brook, I. 0963-2719

      Clarke, S. 2010 S.T.I.L.L. Gentle Actions: Art Ecology Action, Kunstnerneshus, Oslo

      Burnett, K. 2010 Songs of the Hebrides: cultural transmission from a contested cultural terrain Island Songs and Singers: A Conceptual and Comparative Approach Professor Godfrey Baldacchino Canada Research Chair (Island Studies), University of Prince Edward Island,

      Clifford, A. 2010 GA2010 XIII International Conference on Generative Art [talk + exhibition] GA2010 Domus Argenia Soddu, Celestino 978-88-96610-06-0

      Clifford, A. 2010 Electronic Literature Collection Volume 2 [DVD + internet publication] Electronic Literature Collection 2 Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities (MITH), Maryland University Laura Borrąs Castanyer, Talan Memmott, Rita Raley, and Brian Kim Stefans ISSN: tbc

      Clifford, A. 2010 “Half Knowledge/ Half ...” [Group Exhibition] Grace & Clark Fyfe Gallery, Glasgow School of Art “Half Knowledge/ Half ...” Glasgow School of Art Brownrigg, Jenny

      Clifford, A. 2010 “Substratum” [audiovisual artwork] – Articulating the Interstitial: Generative Responses in New Media Art Practice Exhibited at “GA2010” Milan and “Sound Thought 2011” The Arches, Glasgow Documentation on the work is included in PhD commentary outlining a written description of the research it embodies

      Clifford, A. 2010 “Equilibrium” [generative animation] – Articulating the Interstitial: Generative Responses in New Media Art Practice Half Knowledge/ Half...” Grace & Clark Fyfe Gallery, Glasgow School of Art 2010 Documentation on the work is included in PhD commentary outlining a written description of the research it embodies

      Clifford, A. 2010 On-line Digital Literature, Hermenia Research Group: Literary Studies and Digital Technologies Hermenia University of Barcelona

      Clifford, A. 2010 Electronic Literature Collection Volume 2 Electronic Literature Collection 1 Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities (MITH), Maryland University Laura Borrąs Castanyer, Talan Memmott, Rita Raley, and Brian Kim Stefans

      Clifford, A. 2010 Group Exhibition GSA: Practice as Research (title tbc) Glasgow School of Art Brownrigg, Jenny

      Hepburn, S. (actor) 2010 “Lip Service “ (Harriet Braun)

      Hepburn, S. (actor) 2010 “George Granger”

      Grace, T. 2010 Finding the Seam: Rab Wilson's Poetic Journey Wigtown Book Festival 2010

      Grace, T. 2010 Digging the Great Drain Charters and Chamberpots exhibition held at Paisley museum

      Manderson, D. 2010 Creative Pathways: Chair of Pitching Event at Glasgow City College Creative Pathways

      Manderson, D. 2010 Su Casa: Reading Allowed, performance with invited readers Su Casa

      Manderson, D. 2010 Tchai Ovna: Reading Allowed, performance with invited readers Tchai Ovna

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      Manderson, D. 2010 Review: Mosaic Anthology of Original Creative Writing (Bath Spa University Press) Journal of Writing in Education Routledge

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      Tucker, P. 2010 Closing address 'Scottish Creative Economy Conference' Spoke on the skill, training and education needs for the Creative industry in Scotland
    • 2009
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    • 2008
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    • 2006
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  • Research Projects & Funding

    Current and previous projects are listed here. Previous project are in order of their initial funding period. Please note some of them are ongoing and their duration is listed at the end of their description,

    • 2012 Projects

      Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland (£2150) Amanda Geary: Experiences of Equality for Women in Journalism in the UK

      Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland (£1880) Dr David Overend: Making Routes: Travel and Journeys in Contemporary British Performance Practice

      Scottish Funding Council (£5000) Dr David McGillivray: Creating Connections: Social Media for Enhanced Business Process

      Renfrewshire Council (£5000) Tony Grace: The Great Drain of Paisley Abbey

      Arts and Humanities Research Council (£98,000) Graham Jeffery Remaking Society: realising the potential of cultural activities in contexts of deprivation

      Creative Scotland (£17,600) Graham Jeffery & Diarmuid McAuliffe Education Strategic Development Funding (Creativity in Initial Teacher Education)

      Creative Scotland (£30,000) Dr David McGillivray
      Citizen Relay

  • Previous Projects

    • 2011
      RCUK Public Engagement Grant, in association with PODIUM and the London 2012 Games (Prof Andy Miah)
      'London 2012: The First Transhuman Games?' (2011)
    • 2010
      British Academy (Dr Kathryn Burnett)
      'Tristan da Cunha: Representation of the 'Volcano Years' 1961-1963' (2010)

      Gentle Actions - Norway (Samantha Clark)
      'Metaphysical Space' (2010

      Joint Nature Conservation Committee (Dr Kathryn Burnett)
      'Tristan da Cunha 2013 - Celebrating survival, creating sustainability pilot project initiative' (2010)

      South West Hub (Dr David Manderson)
      '360 Degrees Production On-Line Module" (2010)

      Abandon Normal Devices Festival & London 2012 Creative Programmers (Professor Andy Miah, Prof Gayle McPherson, Dr David McGillivray)
      #media2012: Citizen Journalism and the London 2012 Games (2010-2012)
    • 2009
      International Olympic Committee, Olympic Studies Centre postgraduate grant (Ana Adi, PhD student) (2009)

      The Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland (Prof Andy Miah)
      'Effecting Media Change: The rise of online media coverage at the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games' (2009-2011)

      The Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland (Professor Yvonne Spielmann)
      'Intermedia - Intermediality' (2009-10)
    • 2008
      Universities China Committee in London (Ana Adi, PhD student)
      'Research at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games' (2008)

      University of Liverpool, Impacts08 Programme (Dr Andy Miah)
      'Liverpool 2008: Centre of the Online Universe' (2008-2010)

      Scottish Arts Council (Samantha Clark)

      The Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland (Dr Andy Miah)
      'What do the Media want from the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games?' (2008)

      The Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland (Samantha Clark)
    • 2007
      Arts and Humanities Research Council (Dr Kathryn Burnett)
      'Awarded for Islands Cultural Archives Research' (2007-8)

      The Institute of Nanotechnology, Stirling (Dr Andy Miah)
      'Awarded to co-fund a PhD student in the area of public engagement with science' (2007-10)