Nuclear Physics Group

  • We often have vacancies for PhD students. If you are interested in carrying out a PhD in our group send an email to one of us:

    Nuclear spectroscopy

    Laser-induced nuclear physics 

  • Experimental Nuclear Physics

    The UWS Nuclear Physics Group was started in 1993 with the appointment of Professor Robert Chapman who had previously woked at the University of Manchester for about 25 years. In the past 15 or so years the group has expanded to become one of the largest nuclear-physics research groups in Scotland.

    The group presently consists of four permanent staff members,
    five PDRAs and around five PhD students.

    Academic staff
    Professor Robert Chapman [1993]
    Dr. Klaus Spohr [1996]
    Dr. John F. Smith [2006]

    Visiting staff
    Professor Witek Nazarewicz (Visiting Professor)
    Professor Hugo Maier (Visiting Professor)
    Dr. Anna Wilson (SUPA Distinguished Visitor)

    Dr. Daniele Mengoni

    PhD students
    Lee Angus
    Luigi Capponi
    Mahmud Hassan
    Joseph Lane
    Valentina Liberati
    Kieran Mulholland
    Kalvinder Sandhu
    Paul Wady
    Christopher Wilson

    We carry out research in several areas of nuclear physics. One of our main areas of research is the study of exotic nuclei using gamma-ray and charge-particle spectroscopy. This research is carried out at large overseas facilities such as Argonne National Laboratory in Chicago, the ISOLDE facility at CERN, Legnaro National Laboratory in Italy, and Jyvaskyla cyclotron laboratory in Finland 


    The picture above shows a group photograph taken in November 2008 on the steps of the Coats Memorial Church at the main entrance to the UWS Paisley campus.

  •  gammasphere-cropped_Original 

    The Gammasphere gamma ray spectrometer at Argonne National Laboratory in Chicago.



    We are members of the UK AGATA collaboration. AGATA will be the world's most advanced gamma-ray spectrometer. It is presently being built and will be operated initially at Legnaro National Laboratory in Italy.



    The Miniball germanium detector array on the REX ISOLDE facility at CERN