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  • Committed to the Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers

    UWS is fully committed to the UK Concordat to support the Career Development of Researchers which sets out clear standards that research staff can expect from the University. It aims to improve the employment and support for research careers in the UK and provides a framework for career development based around seven core principles. These principals are set around six areas:

    • Recruitment and Selection (Principle 1)
    • Recognition and Value (Principle 2)
    • Support and Career Development (Principles 3 & 4)
    • Researchers Responsibilities (Principle 5)
    • Diversity and Equality (Principle 6)
    • Implementation and Review (Principle 7)

    How are UWS implementing the Concordat?

    In order to support and embed the Concordat in UWS, we have established a steering group which is led by the Vice Principal Research and Enterprise Professor Ehsan Mesbahi and other members include People & OD, Research Services, Graduate School, Assistant Deans for Research and Enterprise, Researchers, Post Graduate Researchers and the Careers and Employability Service. Following extensive consultation with key stakeholders, the Steering Group have co-ordinated the development of the UWS Gap Analysis and Action Plan (pdf).


    Vitae is an international programme supporting researcher development.  It provides resources and guidance aimed specifically at research staff and research students and their managers. UWS has taken out a Vitae membership subscription and staff and research students at UWS are able to access the Vitae resources to support their career development. To gan access to these resouces, you will need to register/log in at the Vitae website.