• Cutting-edge Facilities

    The University has invested over £1/4 m on installing labs for new degrees in Computer Games Technology and Music Technology, as well as upgrading equipment across our computing labs.

    Facilities Include:

    Our Apple MAC G4 lab with Final Cut Pro video editing software, allows students to compose music, input music manually or by keyboard using E-Magic Logic software and print out music scores.

    A fully-equipped music and post-production unit with a recording studio and acoustic isolation room is available for Music Technology students to record and edit their work.

    Our Computer Games labs are kitted out with the latest GeForce graphics cards, graphics editing software, MS Visual C++ and DirectX SDK packages for high performance games programming.

    In addition to high performance workstations, students have access to the University's state-of -the-art 3D visualisation lab.

  • Investing in You

    Over the past five years, the University has invested substantially in the development of a number of labs to support the new technology programmes in the School of Engineering and Computing.

    • Design and Engineering Facilities

      Our design and engineering facilities and laboratories are industry-standard and among the best in the higher education sector. 

      They include a Heavy Structures Lab, Product Design Centre with state-of-the-art prototyping systems, and specialist CAD/CAM suites.

      • Paisley Campus - fully euipped manufacturing workshop; materials testing and analysis facilities; metrology laboratory; rapid prototyping centre, assembly and welding laboratories.
      • Hamilton Campus - new £2.1 million engineering centre opened 2008, with particular focus on the design and motorsport engineering disciplines
      • Both campuses utilise a range of industrial applications software such as PRO/Engineer, Ansys, Fluent, AutoCAD, MS Project and WITNESS


    • Computers

      The School of Computing resources over 500 computers in its 25 Computing labs. This results in a Student/Computer ratio of approximately 2:1, which is considered to be excellent.

      While the specification of the computers varies between the different labs almost all of the computers operate on Windows 7; soon to be updated to Windows 10.

    • Microsoft
      The University negotiated Microsoft Campus Agreement, enables staff and students to obtain copies of Office at minimal cost for use at home. The School of Computing has two further agreements with Microsoft under wich all staff and students of the School can have copies of Microsoft operating systems (upgrades) and developer software (for example, Expression and Visual Studio) for use at home.
    • Lab Resources
      The University has recently invested almost £350,000 in supporting a range of new technology programmes. In terms of the different labs available, the School has used capital money to create/develop
    • Music Technology Lab
      Recording Studio with Acoustic Isolation Room. Hardware DigiDesign ProControl Surface - this is a 24 channel fully automated, computer controlled digital mixing desk interfaced to an Apple MAC G Server.

      The Studio also contains:
      OMIPRO Desk
      AKAI Sampler
      EMU Sequencer
      VDRUM kit
      YAMAHA Keyboards
      Professional Mics
      Minidisk Deck
      Professional Tape Deck.

      The Mac Server operates ProTools 5.1 industry standard recording software with various post processing plug ins..
    • ComputerGames Labs
      These labs contain 40 high performance workstations (computer games development software) for use by Computer Games students.

      Computer Animation Lab
      This lab has 20 high performance PCs with animation software.

      Multimedia Labs
      These labs contains 80 high spec PCs with Adobe /Macromedia multimedia software.
    • CISCO CCNA Lab
      This lab has a range of inter networking hardware including 8 Cisco Routers, a number of hubs and switches all enclosed in a user configurable rack. The lab is arranged in such a way as to allow students the opportunity to configure, test and operate various types of computer networks.
    • Computing and IT Labs
      One of the School's main computing labs has had 80 PCs recently upgraded. These are used with our computer games labs to support the computing and IT area.
    • Audio/Video Processing Lab
      The Audio/Video lab has 12 Apple MAC G workstations with 17'' TFT Monitors.

      Each workstation also has:
      SVHS video recorder
      Video monitor
      Video capture card
      MID keyboard
      Audio mixer
      Final Cut Pro video editing software
      E Magic Logic & Cubase sequencer software
      12 PC Workstations with video input/output tape decks (MiniDV/SVHS)
      Adobe Premier video editing software
      Reason and Cakewalk Sonar sequencer software