Dr Fraser Clark


E265 Henry Building Paisley
Tel 0141 848 3408
  • Teaching Interests
    PhD Students

    Mr Barry Watson
    Utilisation of Ambisonics in performance enhancement

    Mr Andrew Horsburgh
    Analysis of the limitation of Ambisonic decoders and encoders
  • Research Interests

    Areas of research focuses on the creation and manipulation of 3D soundfields based upon Ambisonics. The theory of Ambisonics and the development of Ambisonic recording and reproduction techniques. Application of Ambisonics to performance enhancement and teaching.

    • Software development of encoders and decoders – development of a suite of plug-ins for use in DAW.
    • Theoretical investigations into soundfield recording.
    • Manipulation of soundfields by computer techniques.
    • Applications relate to performing enhancement for musicians and creation of immersive sound fields for games technology
  • Research activity output conference presentations
    G McRobbie, Z Ling, Z Wu, S Cochran, and F Clark. “Solutions to the Vibrating Membrane Problem”. Proc. the 11th International ANSYS Users Conf. Apr. 2004.

    G McRobbie, Z Ling, Z Wu, S Cochran, and F Clark. “Designing and characterising micro-scale sensors using ANSYS”. Proc. ANSYS Users Seminar 2003, Edinburgh, UK, Apr. 2003.

    G McRobbie, Z Ling, Z Wu, S Cochran, and F Clark. “ANSYS and MicroScale Sensors”. Proc. ANYSY 2003 Electronics Seminar, Grove, Oxfordshire, UK, Mar. 2003.
  • Research activity output source of funding
    Development of software application facility at GMI (2009-2011). To develop and embed within the company a formal design capability for PC based software applications.
    Funded by KTP

    Implementation of an optical design facility at VMS (2006-2008).
    To embed within the company a certified optical test and design facility for a range of LED signage products.
    Funded by KTP

    SCoRE Project with LEDTEK LTd (2009-2010).
    To develop and assess a range of high efficiency LED drivers for industrial applications.
    Funded by KTP
  • Professional Membership(s)
    • Member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology
    • Member of the Audio Engineering Society