Professor Rowena Murray

Director of Research

Tel 01292 886458


Rowena Murray graduated with MA (Hons) from Glasgow University and PhD (with Distinction) from Pennsylvania State University and is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. She is Professor of Education, Director of Research, in the School of Education at the University of the West of Scotland and Adjunct Professor at Swinburne University, Melbourne. Her teaching and research focus on academic writing, the subject of her journal articles and books, including How to Write a Thesis, Writing for Academic Journals and The Handbook of Academic Writing (co-authored with Sarah Moore). Her research has been funded by Nuffield Foundation and British Academy.

  • Qualifications

    1st degree(s):

    MA (Hons) in Scottish Literature and Fine Art, University of Glasgow,1980

    Higher degree(s):

    PhD in English, Pennsylvania State University, 1986

    Other (professional or PGCert etc.): Fellow, Higher Education Academy

  • Teaching Interests

    • Academic writing, thesis writing, writing for publication

    • Research supervision

    • Preparing for the PhD/EdD/Prof Doc Viva

  • Research Interests
    • Academic writing: academics’ and emerging researchers’ writing, writing in professional settings, transition between practice-based and research-active role
  • Research activity output book

    Eley A & Murray R (2009) How to be an Effective Supervisor. Maidenhead: Open University Press-McGraw-Hill.

    Murray R Ed (2008) The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. Maidenhead: Open University Press-McGraw-Hill.

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    Murray R (1992) Introduction to Writing Skills. Glasgow: University of Glasgow. ISBN 0-86389-045-8. 88 pages.

  • Research activity output chapters

    Murray, R (2013) Doctoral students create new spaces to write in C Aitchison and Guerin, C (Eds) Writing groups for doctoral education and beyond: Innovations in theory and practice. London: Routledge.

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  • Research activity output journals

    Murray R & Thow M (forthcoming) Peer-formativity: A framework for academic writing, Higher Education Research and Development (Accepted August 2013).

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    Peer reviewed web article


    Murray R (2004) What can I write about?: The rhetorical question for PhD students and their supervisors. The future of postgraduate supervision,


    Papers in non-refereed journals


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    Refereed conference presentations


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  • Research activity output conference presentations

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  • Consultancy Interests

    Writing workshops, researcher development courses, writing retreats

  • Consultancy Project Details

    Lancaster University: writing retreats for postgraduates and academics

    Osaka University, Japan: intensive writing course and writing retreat for postgraduates, research collaboration and exchange

    Trinity College Dublin: writing workshops

    Strathclyde University: Researcher Development Programme

    Swinburne University, Melbourne, Australia: Researcher Development, research collaborations

  • Professional Membership(s)
    Fellow, Higher Education Academy, UK