Collaboration, Inclusion and Participation Research

  • Research Group B: Collaboration, Inclusion and Participation


    The work of this research group, led by Dr Kate Miller, is seen as a natural extension of the earlier work conducted within the Network for Youth, Social Justice and Inclusive Education, which has been active within the School of Education since early 2011. The group focuses onliberal egalitarianism in order to contribute new knowledge and understanding to those elements that underpin human flourishing and, including issues related to children’s rights and the participation of young people in communities as well as the inclusion of people with disabilities, interagency service provision, the nature of curriculum-making in schools and FE colleges and creative approaches to inclusive education for adults and young people. 

    Between 2015-2018 the group aims to develop new opportunities for building a critical mass of funded research, research outputs, conference dissemination and knowledge transfer activity as a means of building new insights for collaborative research in the key areas of participative and inclusive education across all age groups. It will provide capacity building opportunities for emerging researchers to engage in collaborative research projects and contribute towards joint research papers, and will nurture the research studies of existing PhD students into the challenges of ethnic minority young people and the impact of youth work/school partnerships, the potential for nurturing a ‘human rights’ culture in Scotland and the potential for participatory approaches to education to enhance the social, emotional and cognitive development of young people. It also will focus on  drawing upon the insights from cross-University colleagues into physical activity and health as a context for stimulating participation, inclusion and collaboration. As the work of the group continues to grow, it will aspire to add to its membership through attracting other UWS academics and recruiting research students who have interest and expertise in the scholarly areas of focus. It will also seek to build international links and opportunities for cross-European partnerships.

    For further information on the work of this group please contact its coordinator, Dr Kate Miller: