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UWS is investing in student success with the UWS Lanarkshire Campus development. The 13th August saw our first cohort of PGDE students arrive at the new, state-of-the-art campus at Hamilton International Park. With the full cohort of students arriving on 3rd September 2018.

  • £100m+ investment
  • £443m boost to the Lanarkshire economy over 25 years
  • 25,645m2 of floor space
  • 100% renewable power

Key Campus Features

The development replaces UWS Hamilton campus and delivers a modern, collaborative and connected experience for students.

"I like how open and modern it is. I feel as though it will be a good environment to study and learn in."

  • Superb learning spaces: The latest technology for learning, teaching and collaborating is integral. Traditional lecture spaces are complemented with contemporary flexible break-out and study space.
  • A big draw: The new campus will attract students from the widest range of backgrounds – from Lanarkshire, Scotland and Internationally.
  • Closer to business: Our neighbours on site – including John Lewis, T Mobile, HSBC, Centrica, First Direct, ScottishPower and Babcock Rail – offer scope for new enterprise partnerships, research opportunities and employment links for students.
  • Closer to the community: The campus will be truly part of local life, offering access to its library, catering and events spaces.

We’re investing on several fronts:

Encouraging participation – through Team UWS, our partnership with the Students’ Association, which runs teams in 20 different sports

Supporting aspiring performers – our scholarship programme offers support and flexibility to aspiring high-performance athletes and players who study with us

Facilities – the new Lanarkshire campus offers the scope to create excellent sporting facilities. Elsewhere, we’re working to expand our easily accessible sports space, on and off campus

Partnerships – we support local and national clubs in rugby, netball, football and ice hockey, sharing our expertise to mutual benefit.

Our involvement in competitive and performance sport offers further opportunities for UWS to play a central part in our local communities, while encouraging individual aspiration. And building a sporting reputation widens our appeal to new students.


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2Source: Sport Industry Research Centre


Last updated: 17/09/2017