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UWS's purpose is to change lives, transform communities and encourage entrepreneurial thinking; to make a difference to the communities that we serve - in Scotland and across the Globe. Of course, our students and our staff are our main focus in achieving this. We are committed to developing a culture and environments where our students and staff are motivated, encouraged and supported to be highly creative, independent/creative thinkers and leaders.

To help us achieve our purpose, UWS has created a number of inspirational and motivational lectures. These fall into the well-established Inspirational Women Lecture Series and newly created Executive in Residence Lecture Series.

Inspiring Lecture Series

Inspiring Women Lecture Series

This series was developed in 2013 to provide a platform of support and inspiration for female staff and students at UWS.

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Executive in Residence Lecture Series

New for 2018, this lecture series is designed to present successful UWS alumni talk about their career successes, failures, motivations and inspirations.

Last updated: 20/08/2018