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Professor Craig Mahoney  - Inspiring Women Lecture Series Overview

Professor Craig Mahoney, Principal & Vice-Chancellor, UWS reviews the Inspiring Women Lecture Series

The Inspiring Women lecture series forms part of the commitment to staff and students alike to encourage and recognise commitment to advancing the careers of women in higher education and research.  

UWS has 4 Scottish Campuses, and one in London. We have some 17,000 students (c.60% female) and  some 1,500 staff (c.55% female). In addition, a high percentage of our students are 'first in family' to achieve their degree, and we have a proud tradition of embracing the widening access ethos, helping to break down the barriers to education that can seem so entrenched when coming from a SIMD20/40 background.  

The Inspiring Women Lecture Series was developed to provide an opportunity for staff, students and members of the public to hear from women who have been successful within their field, be that within science, arts, humanities, business or other areas. The diverse range of speakers has encouraged engagement and discussion, and the series is now a regular and important feature in the University events calendar.


Sarah Murray

NASA’s Deputy for Orion Vehicle Systems Performance and Analysis

UWS and those responsible for organizing the Inspiring Women event should be commended on their dedication to such an important effort.  What an amazing way to bring women together and expose them to such accomplished female talent!  I was honored to be among the list of speakers.  The event was an absolute success and most definitely met its goal to inspire women!

Lecture Series Sponsor

akp Scotland Limited is the proud sponsor of the 2018/19 UWS Inspiring Women Lecture Series.

For nearly 30 years akp, as a principal contractor with ‘Building Pride’ at its heart, has helped transform lives through innovative fit out and refurbishment and spectacular new build.

Our role in the delivery of UWS’s game changing £110m new Lanarkshire campus is only one example of the skill and talent found in akp.

This year akp were announced as winner of the Fit Out of Workplace category at the 2018 British Council for Offices Regional Awards and are a contender for a National Award.

Visit our website for more information about akp Scotland Limited or to get in touch to explore how we can help with your project.

Visit akp website

Inspiring Women: Celebration Event 2019

Wed 5 June 2019

Find out more about our season-ending celebration event for 2019/20. The day long event will play host to four truly inspirational keynote speakers and allow plenty of networking opportunities.

Find out more

Previous Inspiring Women Lectures

Our Inspiring Women are a vibrant and varied range of speakers. View the list of speakers that have participated in our series and use the links to check our our YouTube playlist:

Inspiring Women 2019

Inspiring Women 2018

  • Shona McCarthy (26 November 2018)
  • Jilli Blackwood (27th September 2018)
  • Vicky Gumly (Celebration Event 17th May 2018)
  • Ann Moulds (Celebration Event 17th  May 2018)
  • Corinne Hutton (Celebration Event 17th May 2018)
  • Brenda Grimes (21st February 2018)


View Inspiring Women YouTube Playlist

Inspiring Women 2017

  • Professor Shan Wareing - (Celebratory Event June 2017)
  • Rebecca Stinson - (Celebratory Event June 2017)
  • Poonam Gupta OBE - (Celebratory Event June 2017)
  • Baroness Nosheena Mobarik CBE (March 2017)
  • Baroness Sue Campbell CBE (January 2017)


View Inspiring Women YouTube Playlist

Inspiring Women 2016

  • Amina Nabi (October 2016)
  • Dominika Zurawska (August  2016)
  • Professor Jean Rankin (Celebratory Event June 2016)
  • Alisoun Mackenzie (Celebratory Event June 2016)
  • Dr Waiyin Hatton (Celebratory Event June 2016)
  • Professor Lesley Yellowless CBE (February 2016)


View Inspiring Women YouTube Playlist

Inspiring Women 2015

  • Professor Barbara Parfitt CBE (October 2015)
  • Coreen McCubbin – Celebratory Event June 2015
  • Liz Cameron OBE – Celebratory Event June 2015
  • Gillian Berrie –Celebratory Event June 2015
  • Dame Barbara Kelly DBE (May D2BD Festival)
  • Becci Wallace (May 2015 D2BD Festival)
  • Elaine C Smith (May 2015 D2BD Festival)
  • Liz Bingham OBE (April 2015)


View Inspiring Women YouTube Playlist

Inspiring Women 2014

  • Suzie Sharpe (September 2014)
  • Lia Ditton (November 2014)
  • Isobel Rutter (June 2014)
  • Abi Player (May and December 2014)


View Inspiring Women YouTube Playlist

Prof Sheila Rowan, MBE

Professor Sheila Rowan was appointed Chief Scientific Adviser (CSA) for Scotland in June 2016.  This is a part-time position within the Scottish Government.  Sheila also remains Director of the Institute for Gravitational Research, University of Glasgow, a position she has held since 2009.  She received an MBE in 2011.

As CSA Scotland, Sheila champions the use of science to inform policy development.  She works closely with the Scottish Science Advisory Council, of which she is an ex officio member, to help ensure that the Scottish Government has access to the best scientific advice to inform its work across all policy areas.

The CSA is also a keen advocate – across Scotland and further afield – of our world-leading science base, and its potential to benefit our economy, people and environment.

Sheila’s research is targeted at developing optical materials for use in gravitational wave detectors, and her recent work has been a crucial part of the Advanced LIGO upgrades, carried out between 2010 and 2015, that contributed to one of the most significant scientific breakthroughs of this century: the first detection of gravitational waves announced in February 2016.  This resulted in a share of the 2016 Special Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics for her and the members of her team in Glasgow. 

Sheila was elected a Fellow of The Royal Society in 2018.

Jilli Blackwood

Jilli Blackwood

Renowned textile artist and designer Jilli Blackwood, who gained a first-class honours degree at Glasgow School of Art, has gone on to garner international recognition for her wall hangings and ‘Art to Wear’ works held in private, corporate and museum collections around the world. She spent time as artist-in-residence at the National Museums of Scotland in Edinburgh and was the designer of Team Scotland’s Commonwealth Games 2014 Opening Ceremony uniforms.

Shona McCarthy

Shona McCarthy

Shona McCarthy is no stranger to challenges.  In fact, it’s almost as if she relishes them.  The Troubles started the same year Shona was born, and it formed the backdrop to her childhood and helped frame her career.  Culture quickly became the ‘safe space’ for Shona where conversations could take place that didn’t revolve around whether you were a Catholic or a Protestant, though they weren’t always easy discussions to have.  Those conversations have helped create a tapestry of experience and knowledge which has laid a path from her hometown to around the globe, and seen Shona help communities overcome some of the challenges they face.  From programming Belfast’s flagship children’s film festival (Cinemagic) to securing a transformational UK City of Culture prize for Derry-Londonderry, to leading the world’s biggest arts festival, the message has always remained the same – communities matter, people matter and the arts have a vital role to play in generating change for communities and bringing people together.  Shona was awarded the Fellow of National Endowment for Science Technology and the Arts, Nesta Cultural Leadership Award (2007), the Eisenhower Fellowship for Innovation (2014).  As well as balancing the demands of the Fringe, Shona is Chair of the Oh Yeah Music Centre in Belfast, and Walk the Plank, a Salford-based creative agency specialising in spectacular outdoor arts and pyrotechnics.

Sarah Murray

Deputy, Vehicle Systems Performance & Analysis, NASA – Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle Program

Sarah is a senior NASA leader. She is the former Deputy Chief of EVA (space walks), Robotics & Crew Systems on board the International Space Station and is currently in the Mission Support and Partnership Council Executive at NASA Headquarters in a team that includes the NASA Administrator and the Directors of the Space Centres.  She has military and medical experience that includes being awarded the Expert Medal for M-16 Rifle.

Ron Coghill

Due to her experience within the construction industry, Ron has lived and worked all over the world.  Qualified as an Architect at the Macintosh in Glasgow, she worked and lived in London, Europe, US, Asia and India and is currently the Director of Major Project Delivery Globally at Barclays.  She was formally the Head of Real Estate for Cisco in both EMEA and then India and Asia, before working for Scottish Government then moving to Barclays.

Having worked at Cisco for a long time Ron has a lot of passion about the use of technology to improve the working lives of people and has always been passionate about designing for Diversity and Inclusion.  Ron is currently co-Chair for the Diversity and Inclusion Group within Barclays’ delivery organisation.  Currently Ron is back in Glasgow responsible for delivering the Barlcay’s Glasgow Campus in Tradeston which will house 5,000 colleagues and triggering a major urban rejeneration of a key part of the Glasgow landscape.  Ron works with a number of key partners with this project includign the City of Glasgow to help maximise the benefits to the city in the long term.

Taban Shoresh

A former child genocide survivor, Taban Shoresh is founder of The Lotus Flower, a non-profit working in Kurdistan, Iraq with conflict survivors. The charity has supported over 5,000 vulnerable women and girls at its three centres to date.

With a political activist father during Saddam Hussein’s regime, Taban was imprisoned with her family aged four, and they narrowly escaped being buried alive before Amnesty International flew them to the UK.

When Taban saw ISIS waging another genocide in Kurdistan in 2014, she returned as an aid worker. Fifteen months later, she launched The Lotus Flower – which runs education, livelihoods, wellbeing, peace-building, human rights and gender equality programmes.

Last September, a statue of Taban was unveiled in London to honour her work, and she was a finalist in Red magazine’s Women of the Year awards. In 2017, she spoke at One Young World alongside Sir Bob Geldof and the late Kofi Annan.

Karen Darke, MBE

“I’m constantly amazed by what can be achieved if we set our heart and mind to it. It’s all about finding belief, confidence, motivation and commitment. And of course, friends. Then there are no limits”

Karen has the philosophy that to have the most impact in life we should challenge our constraints, adopt a positive mind-set and support each other to be the best we can each be. Somewhat an expert in overcoming challenges, Karen finds much of her inspiration through outdoor adventure. She was a keen runner and mountaineer before becoming paralysed in a rock-climbing accident, and has since pursued alternative ways to access the outdoors – canoeing, sea-kayaking, sit-skiing and hand-cycling. Karen sea-kayaked along the coastlines of British Columbia and Alaska, skied across the Greenland icecap and climbed the kilometre-high vertical rock-face of El Capitan.

As a coach and facilitator, author and speaker, Karen works regularly with young people, schools, businesses and other organisations particularly on the subject of challenge and change. She is currently a full-time athlete with the British Para-cycling Team.  She won a silver medal in the London 2012 Paralympics, was World Para-triathlon Champion in 2012, silver medallist in 2013, and has represented Scotland in triathlon at the Commonwealth Games 2018. In Rio 2016, Karen was proud to become Paralympic Champion. Since then she has gained two World Records for land-speed by arm power, achieved in the Nevada dessert in 2018.

Brenda Grime

At the time of her Inspiring Women keynote, Brenda was a Publications Co-ordinator for Global Scientific Communications at Eli Lilly and Company, a multi-national pharmaceutical company which has was responsible for the development, clinical testing and delivery to market of many life changing products.   An alumnus of Glasgow and Edinburgh Universities, Brenda has spent a majority of her working life in academia, where she led a research group studying chromosomes and potential therapeutic targets. More recently she moved to the pharmaceutical industry, working in scientific publications and external innovation.  From her early days at the laboratory bench to now overseeing the scientific publication strategy for a number of molecules at a multi-national pharmaceutical company, Brenda has been hugely influenced by the need to develop new medicines for patients and working across teams with a focus on inclusion.

Corinne Hutton

After Corinne Hutton suffered acute pneumonia and septicaemia surgeons were forced to amputate her hands and legs below the knee. 


Within four months of losing her limbs, Corinne defied doctors with her progress when she walked a mile through Glasgow city centre on prosthetic legs, bringing awareness of the charity she had set up to help other amputees ( Finding Your Feet).  Since then she has raised over £400,000 for the charity, helping countless individuals faced with amputation or limb deficiency by providing motivation and support.  It is difficult to summarise everything Corinne has achieved in the five years since her illness – achievements have included running up the ‘Rocky Steps’ in Philadelphia,  delivering a TED talk,, cycling in the Sir Chris Hoy velodrome, completing the World’s largest triathlon,  returning to skiing, receiving a Points of Light Award for outstanding contribution to the voluntary sector, receiving the Freedom of her hometown,  an honorary doctorate,  carrying the Commonwealth Games baton, becoming  the first female quadruple amputee ever to conquer Ben Nevis then becoming the first quadruple amputee to abseil a staggering 140 metres.  

Since her Inspiring Women keynote, Corinne has undergone life changing double hand transplant surgery, the outcome of which has been celebrated across the media around the world.   

Corinne continues to devote her life to running her charity in addition to campaigning to raise awareness of the need for organ, tissue and limb donors. Her infectious wit, humour and ability to laugh in the face of her own adversity are refreshing, humbling and of course, inspiring.

Anna Moulds

Ann Moulds

In March 2009, Ann Moulds launched her award-winning campaign and spoke publically about her own experience of being the victim of a stalker and the systems that failed her. She was determined that stalking should be recognised as a criminal offence within Scottish law.  In doing so she challenged the decision makers: the Scottish Government, the Police, the Crown Office and the Criminal Justice System, calling for change.

Action Scotland Against Stalking quickly became a high impact national and international campaign contributing most notably to the introduction of the ‘Offence of Stalking’ sec 39 Criminal Justice & Licensing (Scotland) Act 2010), and in England & Wales the introduction of the “Offence of Stalking“ into the Protection of Freedoms Act, 2012.  The successful introduction of stalking into the Council of Europe’s European Convention to combat Violence Against Women and Children 2011, ratified in August 2014, places a requirement of European member states to codify stalking into criminal law. In 2014, Ann‘s campaign was instrumental in having victims’ rights enshrined within Scottish statutory law.

Ann has continued to drive many ground-breaking achievements.  In 2012 she launched UK National Stalking Awareness Day and is working with Victim Support Europe towards the harmonisation of Stalking laws across member states.  In 2014, Action Scotland Against Stalking received charitable status under the new banner of Action Against Stalking and continues to lead the way in advancing recognition of stalking and championing the rights of stalking victims globally.

Ann is proof that one woman, one voice, can make a difference. 

Vicky Gumley

Vicky was brought up and educated in Kirkcaldy.  Sports activities were her passion both at school and at home where she grew up with her three brothers.  Leaving school she went on to study physical education at Moray House in Edinburgh, graduation there with a Bed (Hons) in PE.  Vicky’s keen personal interest in Curling led to her holding the position of Nationl Director of Coaching for Scotland, and at the time of her Inspriing Women keynote Vicky was the Scottish Senior Ladies Curling Champion.  Vicky has a passion for personal development and whilst working as a personal trainer and fitness coach Vicky has helped others find the will and determination to improve their lives.  As a mother of four children, Vicky continues to challenge herself and with her trademark steely determination took on the task of Base Camp Everest.  In her spare time Vicky enjoys running, golfing and meditation.

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