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Funding and Awards


UWS Academy supports participation in a variety of awards and funding opportunities.  Requests to take part in these opportunities will be announced via this website, the UWS ebulletin or on our Twitter feed - @UWSAcademy.

Learning and Teaching Enhancement Fund

The Learning and Teaching Enhancement Fund (LTEF) offers funding for evidence-based projects designed to support learning and teaching across the university.

In 2019/20 there are five projects taking place:

  • Teaching Immunology as a foreign language – Dr Fiona Menzies, HLS
  • Improving students’ understanding and use of assessment feedback – Dr Joanne Lusher, HLS
  • JUST ASK – Frances McCormick, CEPS
  • Bringing learning to life via a digital case study – web-based and digital technology enhancement of a teaching case based on the Oak Tree Inn, Loch Lomond – Ron Livingstone, BCI
  • Academic and social integration of direct entry students from HE [sic] colleges into courses at UWS – Dr Richard Jefferies, BCI

These projects are due to be completed by June 2020.

Last year, five projects were supported by the Learning and Teaching Enhancement Fund:

  • Developing a digital tool to enhance student employability skills – Dr Graham Scott, MCS
  • The Workplace as a Learning Space: 23 Things for Managing your Work/Study/Life Balance – Fiona Kennedy, CEPS
  • A cross-year conference event incorporating peer assessment to engage students with their degree programme and future career trajectories – Prof Kath Sloman and Dr Mhairi Alexander, HLS
  • Student engagement with Moodle: Can a better understanding of student interactions with technology improve the user experience for students? – Linda Crearie, CEPS
  • Academic and social integration of direct entry students from HE colleges into courses at UWS – Dr Richard Jeffries and Prof Monika Foster, Business and Enterprise   


Some of the successful LTEF participants in 2018/19 explain what they achieved through their projects:   

"My LTEF funded project has created an app which is designed to support Graduate Apprentices to develop workload planning and time management skills pre-induction. It takes the apprentices through 10 steps from thinking about the competing tasks they have to undertake on a daily basis through to accessing MyDay to start scheduling their timetable. The app incorporates video, resources, activities and signposting to UWS Careers & Skills."

Fiona Kennedy, Graduate Apprenticeships Manager in Computing, Engineering and Physical Sciences


Two screenshots from the app developed through the LTEF project undertaken by Fiona Kennedy of CEPS.


“We organised a cross-year conference event for the UWS B.Sc. Applied Bioscience and Zoology degree cohort where final year students presented their independent research projects to students from 1st, 2nd and 3rd year of the same degree programme. The event provided an authentic assessment environment reflecting a scientific conference for 4th year students, while supporting students in lower years to transition between years. Industry representatives were invited to showcase potential opportunities for students to help provide awareness in students of their future trajectories, both in terms of potential career pathways as well as upcoming assessments within their degree programme.”

Professor Kath Sloman and Dr Mhairi Alexander, School of Health and Life Sciences


Please contact if you would like to discuss LTEF.



Enhancement Theme Institutional funding

Enhancement Theme Institutional funding covers bids for three different projects to support the latest QAA Scotland Enhancement Theme, Evidence For Enhancement: Improving the Student Experience.  The projects are:

  • Using mid-module evaluations (MCS) - led by Ian Gillan, creative and academic development consultant
  • Student representation structures at UWS (SAUWS) - led by Sabina Lawrie, student rep co-ordinator
  • How technology might democratise quality enhancement (CEPS) - led by Linda Crearie, lecturer

National Teaching Fellowship Scheme (NTFS)

photo of the three NTF nominees- 2020

Starting from the left: Trent Kim (Lecturer in BCI), Maria Sapouna (Senior Lecturer in ESS) and Xin Guo (Senior Lecturer in ESS)

Advance HE's National Teaching Fellowship Scheme (NTFS) scheme celebrates and recognises individuals who have made an outstanding impact on student outcomes and the teaching profession in higher education. Following a call for expressions of interest in late 2019, UWS has selected three nominees in 2020 for this UK-wide award: 

  • Dr Xin Guo, Senior Lecturer in Business and Creative Industries
  • Trent Kim, Lecturer in Business and Creative Industries
  • Dr Maria Sapouna, Senior Lecturer in Education and Social Sciences

The nominees submitted their final applications to Advance HE in March. They will be notified of the outcome of their application in Summer. Congratulations to our nominees. 

Collaborative Award for Teaching Excellence (CATE)

This is a photo of the 14 members of the CATE team, comprising staff and students.

The UWS 2020 CATE team - Class in a Bag: Understanding Dementia

The Collaborative Award for Teaching Excellence, run by Advance HE, seeks to recognise outstanding teamwork in Higher Education across the UK. This highly prestigious award has been open to team nominees at HEIs since 2016, complimenting the National Teaching Fellowship Scheme for individuals.

After a call for applications in late 2019, the ‘Class in a Bag: Understanding dementia’ team from The School of Health and Life Sciences was the UWS nominee in 2020. Led by Prof Debbie Tolson and Winnie McGarry, the team developed a portable education resource known as Class in a Bag (CIAB) which student nurses use to teach schoolchildren about dementia.

This project, which is embedded in the nursing curriculum, strives to enhance students’ learning experience and support them to build their knowledge and professional and personal skills about dementia. Students firstly have the opportunity to co-create teaching resources before delivering workshops in schools. Since 2012, over 10,000 schoolchildren have learned from over 2,400 students about dementia.

The CATE team is comprised of 14 members from the Adult Nursing Team, Alzheimer Scotland Centre for Policy and Practice and student nurses (see list of team members below). The team produced a 3,500 word application that sought to demonstrate excellence in the team’s collaborative approach and excellence in the impact of collaborative working. Winnie McGarry, Deputy Team Leader, emphasised the importance of team work to CIAB:

"… from the initial concept to the success that is now Class in a bag, I know that it could never have happened without the expertise and ideas of everyone we have collaborated with along the way. It is the belief and the dedication of each member of the team that has been able to bring this idea to life and radically change dementia education. This true collaboration will continue to evolve."

The Class in a Bag team will be notified of the outcome of their application in Summer 2020. Good luck!

Class in a Bag: Understanding Dementia team members:

Debbie Tolson (Team leader)
Winnie McGarry (Deputy team leader)
Margaret Brown
Fiona Everett
Colin Hardie 
Amna Brown
Jana Lanc 
Caroline MacCallum
Rhoda Macrae
Bryan Mitchell 
Louise Ritchie
Karen Ross 
Wendy Wright


Last updated: 26/04/2019