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Resources covering a range of different roles which academics may hold, such as Personal Tutor, Programme Leader or Module Co-ordinator.  More resources are added reguarly.

Personal Tutors

Resources for Personal Tutors


At UWS, the role of the personal tutor is key to ensuring that all students have a positive and transformative experience at our institution.  As a personal tutor, you should help to create a partnership between you and your students, promoting a sense of belonging and providing a point of contact for personal, pastoral or generic academic matters.

Here are some resources to help you with this essential role:

  • The current outline of the Personal Tutor System at UWS is available here. It explains the responsibilities of the Schools, the personal tutors and the students involved in building this personalised learning experience.  Please note that this document is under review and will be updated as required.


  • The student dashboard, MyJourney, provides data to support conversations with your students about their progress. It’s designed to let your students find out more about their engagement with the programme so they can discuss this with you at their personal tutor meetings.  MyJourney has just been updated to provide a more flexible, positive approach to help you and your students identify ways to develop and enhance their learning experience at UWS. 


  • The UWS Graduate Attributes – I AM UWS (Universal, Work-ready and Successful) – offer another approach to shaping discussions between you and your students. Together, you can reflect on how studying at UWS enhances graduate attributes which support their academic, personal and professional development.


  • Reflection is a key part of a personal tutor meeting, but it’s a skill which needs to be developed. The Open University has a webpage on reflective learning which you may find useful to suggest to your students. 


  • Personal tutors aren’t expected to know everything or do everything for their students. But you do have to identify who can help your students with more specific advice such as counselling, financial advice or academic development.  Student Life offers a range of support opportunities which you can point out during your meetings.


  • Occasionally, students may experience severe challenges and they may contact you, as their personal tutor, for help. UWS has procedures for supporting students in distress; you are encouraged to save this document to your desktop for easy access.  The flowchart on the final page provides an overview of what you should do.


  • The Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) helps to connect the experiences, attributes and skills which students gain through studying at UWS with their opportunities for employability. It can be used during personal tutor meetings to help students map the links between their studies, extra-curricular activities and future employment. 


Programme Leaders

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Module Co-ordinators

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Last updated: 08/07/2019