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Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy

There are three ways for UWS staff to achieve Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy:

1. The Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice – this is the taught route to recognition as a Fellow. This is an internal programme that runs at UWS.

2. sALTiRE (Academic Learning and Teaching Routes for Excellence) – this is the experiential route to recognition. This is an internal scheme that is run at UWS, details of which are below.

3. A direct application to Advance HE – any individual can apply directly to Advance HE, regardless of institutional subscription status. This scheme is very similar to but entirely separate from sALTiRE. Advance HE charges a fee for individual applications.

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sALTiRE (Academic Learning and Teaching Routes for Excellence)

UWS Academy offers the opportunity for experienced staff who teach and/ or directly support student learning to achieve Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy, at the following three categories:

  • Associate Fellowship
  • Fellowship 
  • Senior Fellowship

The sALTiRE scheme at UWS is accredited by Advance HE (formerly known as The Higher Education Academy). The scheme is based on the UK Professional Standards Framework (2011)- a nationally recognised framework for benchmarking success within Higher Education teaching and the support of learning.

September 2020 update: Advance HE Subscription

UWS Academy was informed in the summer of last year that the university was likely to end its subscription to Advance HE on the 31st of July 2020. We had therefore been encouraging people to apply for Fellowship before that deadline.

We have now been informed that the university has decided to renew its subscription in 2020-21. This news means that there will be the opportunity for colleagues who wish to apply for Fellowship through the university in 2020-21.  The scheme will now operate normally this academic year.

It is not yet certain if the university will continue to subscribe to Advance HE beyond the 2020-21 academic year.

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Categories of Fellowship

As a guideline, we recommend that applicants have the following amount of ‘full-time equivalent’ (FTE) experience of teaching and/ or supporting learning in Higher Education:

  • Associate Fellowship - 18 months FTE
  • Fellowship - 3 years FTE
  • Senior Fellowship - 5 years FTE

For Principal Fellowship you are recommended to have a minimum of 3 years FTE experience of institutional strategic leadership and/or wider (inter)national settings in a teaching and/or supporting student learning-related role in higher education. However, during 2020-21 we will not accept Principal Fellowship applications. There is the option of applying directly to Advance HE for Principal Fellowship. If you’d like more information about this, please contact UWS Academy.

Advance HE has also developed a Fellowship category tool to help you decide which category of Fellowship is the most appropriate for you, based on your teaching and/ or support of learning practice in Higher Education.

Use the Advance UK Fellowship Category Tool

Taking the experiential route to recognition (sALTiRE) means writing out a claim to demonstrate how you meet the appropriate descriptor and dimensions of the UK Professional Standards Framework (2011). In your claim, applicants are asked to provide an Account of Professional Practice (APP) in learning and teaching. The APP for Associate Fellowship is 1400 words, for Fellowship it is 3000 words and for Senior Fellowship it is 6000 words.

The sALTiRE Process at UWS

At UWS, you can make a claim against any of the three categories of Fellowship, based on your experience of teaching and/ or support of learning. The process for applying for Fellowship is as follows:

  • Attend a 1 hour introductory workshop to sALTiRE, which you can sign up for on our Eventbrite page. This is the only compulsory synchronous aspect of sALTiRE participation and these workshops will all take place online during 2020-21. 
  • Access the UWS Academy sALTiRE Moodle site (please note: the enrolment key will be provided at the introductory workshop; if you haven't attended the workshop, you will not be able to access the site). The Moodle site includes information and resources to help you make your claim.
  • Gather evidence of your experience of and impact on learning and teaching.
  • Participate in Learning and Teaching CPD events. You are required to show that you have completed 10 hours of learning and teaching related CPD activities (for example, attendance at L&T conferences, UWS Academy events and other L&T CPD)
  • Participate in a peer observation of teaching with a colleague.
  • Choose two referees for your claim.
  • Submit your claim on the UWS Academy sALTiRE Moodle site before the appropriate deadline.

2020/21 deadlines

The sALTiRE submission deadlines for 2020-21 are as follows: 

  • Wednesday the 2nd of December 2020 at 2pm
  • Wednesday the 5th of May 2021 at 2pm
Last updated: 21/01/2021