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Quality Enhancement

The Quality Enhancement Framework (QEF) is a sector wide approach for the enhancement of quality in Scottish HEIs and encompasses the following five aspects:

  • ELIR (Enhancement-led Institutional Review)
  • Enhancement Themes
  • Institution-led Review
  • Public Information
  • Student Engagement in Quality

QuEST aims to work in partnership with Schools, Programme Boards, SAUWS and Professional Service Departments to enhance the student experience through planned and deliberate steps in line with the University's strategic approach to quality.

Within UWS, QuEST oversees the implementation of the Quality Code for Higher Education and advises staff on policy and procedures via the Quality Handbook. The Quality Handbook includes the following sections:

  • Quality Assurance Framework at UWS
  • Institution – led Review
  • Student Involvement in Quality Enhancement
  • Approval & Professional Accreditation
  • International Academic Student Exchange
  • External Examiners
  • Enhancement & Annual Monitoring
  • Curriculum Design Guidance
  • Collaborative Provision
  • SQA Accreditation
  • Accreditation of External Provision

Through engagement with External Partners, QuEST will:

  • enhance the reputation of the University represent and promote the University at external events;
  • keep up-to-date with external developments and expectations and sector-wide best practice;
  • review and evaluate quality processes and procedures for effectiveness;
  • actively engage in sector-wide discussions on changes to quality requirements.

Partnership with SAUWS

QuEST works in partnership with SAUWS on the implementation of the University's Student Representation Policy. QuEST in partnership with SAUWS supports training for student representatives through the Institutional Associate Trainer Scheme and through liaison with sparqs. QuEST maintains the database of student representatives and works closely with School Service Delivery Officers to ensure this is updated on an annual basis.

Active Support for Committees

In advancing the enhancement agenda for UWS, QuEST actively supports the following key decision making bodies:

Education Advisory Committee (EAC) and its sub groups:


QuEST also supports a range of short life working groups tasked with realising the aims of the Corporate Strategy and the associated Enabling Plans.

The Quality Handbook 2017-18

The Quality Handbook is a definitive source of policy and procedures for the assurance and enhancement of academic quality. The Quality Handbook, which is updated on an annual basis, reflects current sectoral guidance and meets the expectations of the Quality Code for Higher Education and other external reference points.

Download The Quality Handbook

Enhancement-led Institutional Review (ELIR)

The last ELIR of the University of the West of Scotland took place in December 2014. The report is available here. The next review wiill take place during session 2018/19.

Further information on the ELIR method can be found on the QAA website.

Last updated: 04/09/2017