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The Executive Group was formed shortly after the arrival of the current Principal, in late 2013. Renamed the Vice-Chancellors Executive Group, its purpose is to support and advise the Principal and Vice-Chancellor on matters relating to the Strategy and management of the University in his role as Chief Accountable Officer. VCEG is responsible for providing recommendations on the overall strategic direction for the University, for considering all major initiatives emerging and the resources required to support them, and for proposing these to Senate and Court or its sub-Committees as appropriate for final approval.

The Vice-Chancellor’s Executive Group is supported in its leadership of the University by the wider University Leadership Team (ULT).

Download further information on the ULT (PDF)

UWS’s Professor Craig Mahoney | Principal & Vice Chancellor | University of the West of Scotland

Professor Craig Mahoney

Principal and Vice-Chancellor

Tel: 0141 848 3670


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Professor Steve Olivier | Deputy Principal & Deputy Vice-Chancellor | UWS

Professor Steve Olivier

Deputy Principal & Deputy Vice Chancellor

Tel: 0141 848 3201


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Donna McMillan | Secretary to Court & Director of Corporate Support | UWS

Donna McMillan

University Secretary

Tel: 0141 848 3677


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Marcus Ross

Exec Director of Strategic Planning & Development/Marketing, Recruitment and Engagement

Tel: 0141 848 3339

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Joanne Maguire

Executive Director of Human Resources

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Professor Milan Radosavljevic

Vice-Principal of Research, Innovation & Engagement 

Tel: 0141 848 3607


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Dr Lucy Meredith

Vice-Principal of Learning, Teaching and Students

Tel: 0141 848 3607

Last updated: 28/07/2017