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Induction and enrolment

Our Academic Year 2020/21 begins on Monday 28th September 2020 with Welcome Week before teaching formally commences the following week.

  • University-wide and programme specific Welcome Week activities 
  • Virtual sessions enabling you to feel part of the UWS community 
  • Interactive activities to enable you to meet fellow students and academics
  • Join clubs and societies including the gym - all will recommence in line with government
  • Online enrolment details emailed to you 

The Welcome Week 2020 webpage has everything you need to know about inductions, welcome week activities and settling in to life at UWS.

Welcome Week is a really important part of your studies at UWS. You will finish your enrolment, engage with induction to your school and programme, find out about the range of services here to offer you support and development and be introduced to your Students’ Union. You'll also be offered a whole range of top tips to help you with your studies as well as have the opportunity to begin building friendship networks with other students.

You can also find answers to some frequently asked questions around our plans for induction and enrolment this September below.

Induction & enrolment

Q: What will Induction be like this year?

A: At UWS, Welcome Week is an important part of our academic calendar and allows our new students to get their University experience off to a flying start. We want you to use Welcome Week to get to know the University and the support we can provide throughout your studies and it is also a great opportunity to meet your academics and fellow students before teaching officially starts.

Although Welcome Week will be different this year due to government guidelines, we are committed to providing you with the same opportunities as students have experienced in previous years albeit in a different format with many activities taking place online. 

Your school/programme induction activities will provide you with ways to connect to your classmates, help you feel part of the community and understand what is expected of you and how you can succeed in your studies. You will be emailed with details about what this induction includes and how to attend.

There will also be a programme of University wide induction activities that students from any school or programme can join in with. These will start during Welcome Week and will continue into the first few weeks of term. While not compulsory to participate in these, we highly recommend that you get involved. Watch out for an email with more details on this.  

Q: Will I be on campus during induction?

A: Due to current government guidance, the vast majority of our induction activities will be online this year, however we are in the process of planning an extensive range of sessions that will enable you to feel part of the UWS community and prepare you for your studies. Keep an eye on your email and our website for our latest induction plans.

Q: How do I get my Student ID card? 

A: As you may be aware, all new students are being issued with a Digital Student ID card. For this, UWS requires a digital photograph of students to be uploaded to the Banner Self Service Portal. Your Digital Student ID card will be used by the University to verify your identity. Details of the requirements for your picture are outlined below:

  • The photograph should be passport or driving license size (3.5 x 4.5 cm), in full colour, and photograph your full face, head and shoulders only. The background should be plain single colour (such as against a wall).
  • You should not cover your face or head in any way (unless for religious purposes) nor wear sunglasses in the photograph. JPG, JPEG and GIF image formats are all accepted, but should be no larger than 1 MB.
  • If you need to compress the photograph 1 MB, you can use software such as Microsoft Paint to do this, or there are other options which you can download. If you are taking the picture using your smartphone camera, an easy way to compress the image size is to email it to yourself before upload, and, upon sending via email, select the option to reduce the image size to 1 MB or under.
  • By submitting your photo, you are certifying it is an accurate and recent image of yourself. Your ID photograph is used by the University to verify your identity. The intention is that so that a student showing their ID can be easily confirmed as that person looking at the photo (not just in the Uni but for discounts in shops and cafes too.

Please remember: if you haven’t sent in your photo using the steps outlined above, we need that first before we can create your ID card.

If you are a new student and have issues displaying the digital student ID card at please click on the MyID tile in MyDay and click ‘accept pop-ups’. If the ID doesn’t display, try refreshing the page.

Q: Will I get the opportunity to meet fellow students and my academic staff during induction?

A: Getting the chance to meet academics and fellow students on your programme is a key aspect of Welcome Week and this year will be no different. University-wide and school/programme specific induction activities are being planned to be as interactive as possible in order that you can engage fully with all members of the UWS community.

Planned university-wide activities include getting to know you chats, virtual quick question sessions and global hang-outs organised by our Student Services teams. Your school/programme specific activities will also incorporate interactive elements and will be communicated with you soon via email.

Q: Will I still be able to join the University’s gym and sports clubs?

A: Yes, we would encourage you to get involved with Team UWS when you join the University or return to your studies.

Following the recent announcement by the Scottish Government regarding the reopening of sport and fitness facilities, UWS Sport has been finalising plans for the safe reopening of our sport and gym facilities in line with government advice, sector best practice and wider UWS campus reopening plans.

We want you to feel safe, confident and supported when you return to your sport and exercise activity with UWS Sport.  We will provide updates with regard to members being able to access our facilities and operational changes as our plans are finalised.

UWS Sport facility and gym access will take into account any current and future restrictions relating to access and overall UWS campus opening.

At UWS we offer free gym memberships to all of our students at our UWS operated facilities. Joining the gym is the first part of your journey as an active member of Team UWS and you can join the gym via MyDay.

Our passion for sport and exercise extends far beyond our free student gym access. We also have a range of sport teams across numerous disciplines. You can find out more here.

Q: Will I still be able to get involved with university societies?

A: Getting involved in clubs and societies is an important part of your university experience and these groups will recommence in line with appropriate government guidance and when it is safe to do so.

At UWS we support all sorts of societies from course related groups such as Chemical Engineering and Nursing to interest societies such as the Debating Society and Anime & Manga Society. There’s also the LGBT+ liberation group; the Nigerian Forum; and the Games Development, Film, Table Top Games and Pool societies among many more.

You can find out more at  

Q: When will I find out about my Induction and Enrolment?

A: We are committed to providing you with all relevant information relating to induction and enrolment as soon as possible. If you are a new student joining us for the first time and have accepted your offer from us you should have started to receive emails with information about starting your journey with UWS including related to induction, enrolment, and funding and advice. If you have recently accepted an offer you should start to receive this information within one week of accepting your offer. Returning students should have received information about their enrolment.

If you haven’t received these emails please check your spam filter on the email account you identified in your application. If you still can’t find the emails then contact

For further information, please click here.

Q: When does enrolment open this year?

A: We are opening enrolment early this year due to the current situation to enable you to have the smoothest possible start to the academic year. The enrolment period opens at slightly different times for different sets of students from early August and you will be emailed with your specific instructions for enrolling.

To be able to enrol online, as a new student, you must have been made an offer of a place by UWS Admissions and you must have accepted this offer. If you have not accepted your offer you should contact or accept the offer on UCAS Track, as soon as possible.

We would encourage you to enrol at the earliest opportunity available once you have received your email instructions.

Q: Do I have to come onto campus to enrol?

A: Our entire enrolment process is completed online and you will receive an email with specific instructions on how to do that. There is no need to come onto campus to enrol as long as you have access to the internet at home or elsewhere.

Q: I am a continuing student; how will enrolment vary for me this year compared to previous years?

A: As enrolment is completed entirely online, this process is the same as in previous years. You will receive an email with specific instructions on how to enrol.

If you are moving from an undergraduate to a postgraduate programme, you are regarded as being a new student and expected to go through an induction to your programme. You will be able to enrol after this induction.

Last updated: 08/10/2020