Aiding economic recovery

The workplace has changed significantly in recent months, leaving many employees and employers requiring support – whether in gaining new skills, or looking for new opportunities. UWS is the local university for over 40% of Scotland’s population and the largest provider of education in many sectors, so we are uniquely placed to understand the specific challenges facing our communities and industry sectors in the years ahead. UWS works closely with public, private and third sector partners to understand the needs of their employees and we are committed to supporting economic recovery in the UK in a post-Covid world.

Our Centre for Continuing Professional Development curates programmes to support post-Covid recovery, addressing skills gaps in Scotland to create a stronger economy and more resilient communities.  We work with colleagues across the University and our wider sector, and are in constant dialogue with partners in private, public and third sectors.

This dialogue includes:

    • We work with industry organisations and their membership to identify needs.  We build on consultancy work undertaken by agencies such as Scottish Enterprise and the Scottish Government to ensure an offer of support, informed by industry insight, which is integrated and accessible, and tailored to meet business needs across Scotland.
    • We work with regions and sectors to assess high risk & high opportunity and work with Employer Led Groups, Chambers of Commerce, FSB, Trade bodies and sectoral ILG’s/ILG bodies to identify regional/sector needs on an ongoing basis.
    • We offer new blended models of learning across more courses with high quality digital pedagogy to provide vocational, technical and professional skills training in light of physical distancing
    • We work with the Group of Seven modern universities to prepare a series of collaboration courses to ensure maximum impact and a good return on public investment.
    • We work with Local Authorities on regional labour market and economic planning development to ensure there is a skilled workforce to meet the demand from local businesses. 

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Last updated: 16/07/2020