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WiFi Access and eduroam

Wireless internet access is available to our students, staff and visitors on all five campuses.

Our secure wireless network service provides students and staff with authenticated access to the UWS network from their own personal device, via the eduroam (education roaming) service, provided by the Janet network in the UK.

Connecting to WiFi

UWS Staff and Students

To connect to Eduroam, select this network from the list of available WiFi networks on your device then enter your UWS staff or student login credentials.

Visitors from Other Universities

Visitors from participating organisations can connect to our network. Select Eduroam from the list of available WiFi networks then log in with the same ID and password you use at your own institution.

Other Visitors/Guest Access

A WiFi network is also provided for visitors who do not have an Eduroam login. The ‘Guest’ network will be available to select from the list of WiFi networks. When prompted, enter your own email address to register. Once registered, open a browser and log in with the password generated for you during your registration. This password will also be emailed to you.

Full details are available in our Guest WiFi User Guide.

Connecting to Eduroam

This Eduroam service means that University staff and students can connect their device to the wireless network at UWS and many other educational institutions in the UK and around the world.

A list of participating institutions in the UK can be found here. (Note that where the institution is listed as ‘Home Only’, there is no service for visitors.)

Similarly, visitors from participating institutions can connect to our wireless network when visiting UWS using their login credentials from their own institution.

Serving over 18 million users, the Janet network provides UK research and education with a highly reliable and secure world-class network, enabling national and international communication and collaboration.

Help connecting to Eduroam

If you have any difficulty connecting to Eduroam from your portable device, please refer to the brief configuration user guides below, which are tailored to each type of device and provide step-by-step instructions for you to follow

Alternatively, please contact the UWS ITDS Helpdesk for assistance on 0141 848 3999. If you are an external visitor and the issue appears to relate to your login credentials, you should contact the IT support department at your own organisation or connect as a guest.

Connecting to Eduroam at Other Institutions

It is recommended that you check you are able to connect to eduroam at your own institution before using this network at other organisations. This will confirm that the settings on your device are enabled to allow a connection to this network.

Help and Support

If you have any questions or require assistance to connect to WiFi, please contact the UWS ITDS Helpdesk for assistance on 0141 848 3999.

Conditions of Use

Please remember that the wireless network is shared and is therefore not intended for widespread use by high bandwidth applications such as streaming audio/video, large file transfers/downloads, interactive graphic environments/games, etc. Such usage may impede the quality and speed of service for others.

When using the wireless networks you are bound by our regular conditions for using IT facilities. Specifically, the wireless network should not be used for anything that:

  • is illegal
  • is commercial
  • poses a security risk
  • could cause a denial of service

All users of the wireless services agree to abide by the IT Acceptable Use Policy.

Users of the eduroam service must agree to follow the Janet Acceptable Use Policy.

Last updated: 27/07/2018