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Coming back to UWS

Make sure you are enrolled before the start of the new session and know when your classes start.

When can continuing students enrol?

Class timetables can be found on the Student Timetable Website.

Enrolment for Continuing Students

Continuing students must enrol for each year of their programme. 

Please note that continuing students with an outstanding debt must have cleared their debt before they can enrol for the new session, and should contact the Finance Department at without delay.

Information for Continuing Students

Student cards

If you are a continuing student you will already have been issued with a Student ID card which lasts for the duration of your programme.

If you have lost your card you can obtain a replacement card at a cost of £10 via the Online Store. If your card has expired or you have changed programme, or there is any other change, we will produce a replacement card for you. Email your request to advising of the required change. Your photo image will be on record, so you won't need to provide a new photo.

Your student ID card is important as you will need to swipe it each time to register your attendance in lectures, classrooms and labs. It also gives you access to the Library and other University facilities. It is required as proof of identity and valid student status for entry to examination halls, etc.

Full-time students

If you are a full-time continuing student and eligible to proceed following the June meeting of School Board of Examiners (SBE) you will be able to enrol from Monday 10 August 2020. This includes students from countries outside the UK or EEA, but you will need to attend a Passport and Visa check session with Student Administration on your Campus (look out for an email to your Student Email account, informing you of the details).

To help your enrolment experience go smoothly, seek module guidance from your School contact now to help you select the correct modules during online enrolment.

If you have resits and are waiting for results you will be able to view your module results in the Grade screen of Self Service Banner from late August. However your eligibility to enrol for the new session depends on receiving a progression decision following the SBE. This will be sent to your student email account during the week of 31 August, after which you will receive a further email advising when online enrolment is opening for you.

Part-time students

If you are a continuing part-time student, you should contact the Education Guidance Adviser within your School to discuss module choices for the next academic year.

Once your modules have been agreed, you will be able to enrol online from Monday 10 August 2020.

If you have had re-assessments over the summer you will be able to enrol once you have had your results confirmed at the August SBE. Your results will be published on Self Service Banner.

Assessment Only students

If you have received a Defer Resit decision from the August SBE, you will be set up to enrol on an Assessment Only (AO) basis in the new academic session. AO enrolment incurs a £40 administration fee and is paid using the link to the online payment facility during Online Enrolment.

Please be aware students attending on an AO basis are not eligible for SAAS bursary or Student Loan.

Further information on supporting your studies

Non-EU/EEA students

If you are a continuing student from a country outside of the EU or EEA, and have received a ‘Proceed’ decision from the June SBE (School Board of Examiners), you will be able to enrol online from Monday 10 August 2020.

You will be notified via your student email account when you need to sign in and bring your Passport & Visa to Student Administration.

IMPortant information for students holding tier 4 (GeNERAL) Student Visa

Students at our partner colleges

If you have a progression decision from the June SBE (School Board of Examiners) that allows you to progress to the next stage of your programme, you will be able to enrol from Monday 10 August 2020. You will find your decision on Self Service Banner.

If you have had re-assessments over the summer, you will need to wait until the SBEs have met in August. Once you have a decision from the August SBE that allows you to progress to the next academic year, you will be able to enrol. You will find your results on Self Service Banner.

Funding and money advice

Remember that, if you are funded by SAAS, you will need to apply for your funding each year so, if you haven’t got that organised yet, apply now to avoid delays at the start of the session. You do not need to wait for your exam results before you apply for your tuition fees.

Further information about SAAS funding can be found on the SAAS Website. Advice about funding is also available from our Student Services team – contact them via the Hub or Student Link.

Become a mentor for new students

As a continuing student, you may wish to become a mentor for new students through the Buddy Project, a scheme designed to help new students settle into student life and study at UWS with the help of a student who is already familiar with University life.

The project aims to offer informal, friendly support by current students to all new students and recruits at the start of each new session.

Continuing students who would like to become a Buddy for new students should contact the Hub.

Last updated: 06/06/2018