Moodle, MyDay & MyJourney

Moodle - Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

Moodle is the University’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) and it is used to support your learning. This is where you will find course materials and information from your Lecturers.

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Lecturers use Moodle to provide access to a variety of learning materials for each of their classes so it’s important to visit this site regularly and participate in the online activities.

In particular, Distance Learning students will use Moodle to work through the course materials for their modules and communicate with the module Lecturers.

Each module has its own Moodle page where you can:

  • access course information and course learning materials
  • communicate with fellow students and lecturers using email, discussion boards and chat
  • submit assignments online
  • receive online feedback from lecturers
  • keep up to date with course developments as they happen
  • Moodle can be accessed online at any time, on and off campus.

To access Moodle, go to and log in with your Banner ID and network password.

MyDay - Student Portal


MyDay is your student portal, which is packed with features to help you in your UWS journey. It connects you in real-time to other UWS systems, making it easier for you to keep track of all the information you need in one place and access services. You can sign-on and get access to multiple systems through this single sign-on point.

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With MyDay, you can:

  • receive announcements from UWS
  • find information about your courses
  • view your personalised timetable
  • access your Outlook email inbox, calendar and task list
  • link to other UWS systems (including Moodle, Banner, Library, The Hub, ITDS Helpdesk, UWS Online Careers & Skills Centre)
  • access your online Microsoft OneDrive account to create, store and share documents
  • check and top-up your print credit
  • find contact details for University staff members
  • keep up to date with the UWS Twitter feed and Facebook page

MyDay is online so is accessible from any internet-enabled device. It is your digital campus and is there to help you with your studies.

To access the MyDay portal, go to and log in with your Banner ID and network password.

MyJourney - Personalised Learning Platform

MyJourney is a student-centred, personalised learning platform. It provides students with access to programme-level engagement and performance data to allow comparison of their engagement and performance with fellow students.

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MyJourney helps students to review and develop their approach to learning and understand how well they are tackling assessments.


The engagement section in MyJourney shows your attendance and use of the library, online resources and learning environments, benchmarked against other students.


The performance section allows review of you assessment marks in the context of the whole class. MyJourney also provides an opportunity for students to discuss progress with their personal tutor and identify ways in which to grow and develop.


Careful consideration is given to privacy and the engagement and performance information is presented in ways that maintains security and privacy of personal data.

Through the development of MyJourney, university staff and students have created a rich opportunity for self-reflection and development that empowers students to take ownership of their own university and learning experience.

To access the MyJourney, go to and log in with your Banner ID and network password.


Turnitin - Coursework Review Tool

Turnitin logo

Turnitin is one of the most useful tools you can use prior to submitting your coursework.

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Most text based coursework will require electronic submission through the Turnitin system in Moodle. However did you know that this system provides you with the opportunity to check your submission for any issues with your academic writing such as inaccurate referencing or inadequate paraphrasing and give you valuable feedback before you make your final submission?  

You should aim to submit your coursework to Turnitin as soon as the assignment is available in order to take advantage of the feedback that the system can provide. Use this feedback to correct any issues prior to submitting your final attempt.

The Library has information on academic referencing if you are unsure of how to reference your work correctly.

Last updated: 28/08/2017