The University has a number of policies and procedures relating to students’ rights and responsibilities:

Student Experience Policy Statement

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The UWS Student Experience Policy Statement identifies how staff and students of the University will work in partnership to build an excellent student experience and enhance opportunities for students to achieve success.

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Supporting Policies, Procedures, Statements & Guides

The University has a number of policies, procedures, statements and guides relating to students’ rights and responsibilities which are all aimed at ensuring your success and supporting the Student Success Policy Statement:

Academic Engagement Procedure

This procedure has been developed as part of the University’s commitment to providing a supportive learning environment that actively facilitates student success. It is intended to enable the delivery of the University’s Student Experience Policy.

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Admissions Procedure

This procedure sets out the process we will follow to ensure transparency, fairness and consistency in our admissions processes and practices.

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Appeals Procedure

An academic appeal is defined as a request to review a decision of an academic body charged with decisions on student engagement, assessment, progression, awards, withdrawal from programme and student disciplinary cases.

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Authorised Interruption Guidance Notes

If you are considering an Authorised Interruption of Study, you should discuss the matter with your Personal Tutor in the first instance. Please read the guidelines carefully and contact your School or Student Services if you have any queries regarding your proposed interruption.

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Conduct, Competence and Fitness to Practise Procedure

UWS offers a number of programmes which lead to entry into a profession or additional professional qualification for which academic criteria alone are not sufficient. The University, in conjunction with other professional bodies, has a duty of care to ensure that the student is fit to practise in their chosen profession.

Being fit to practise means having the skills, knowledge, good character and good health to do the job safely and effectively.

This Procedure sets out the way in which cases involving professional issues, which affect competence, conduct and fitness to practise will be dealt with by the University.

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Copyright Guidance

Copyright is an intellectual property right that protects original work and gives the creator control over how it can be used for a period of time.

Find guidance on how it affects you and your work - for both students and staff - at UWS here.

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Criminal Convictions and Charges Procedure

All applicants and students must declare any relevant police investigations and criminal convictions. This is a requirement before commencing with the University and throughout the duration of the course.

This policy covers both the admissions process and continuing studies within UWS. It ensures applicants and students who declare a criminal conviction will be treated fairly and transparently.

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Extenuating Circumstances Submission

The University recognises that, from time to time, you may encounter issues which may prevent you from being able to submit or undertake an assessment. Where this is the case, you can submit an Extenuating Circumstances Submission (ECS) for consideration.

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Library Collection Development Guide

The University aims to provide learning content in the most effective way that reflects current pedagogy, developing internationalisation, and to ensure research and knowledge transfer activities have access to the most relevant information.

This guide outlines to all staff the appropriate, transparent and consistent principles which should be followed for the selection, retention and disposal of University library collection resources.

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Plagiarism Procedure

Plagiarism may be regarded as a substantial academic irregularity under the University Code of Discipline for Students (Chapter 5 of Regulatory Framework) and all instances are liable to be investigated and to be given due consideration under the terms of that Code.

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Procedure for Student Discipline

The University’s expectations in relation to student behaviour are set out in the University Senate Regulatory Framework: The Code of Discipline for Students, and the Student Success Policy Statement.

This Procedure will apply to all students on programmes that are not subject to conduct, competence and fitness to practise requirements.

Students on programmes subject to conduct, competence or fitness to practise requirements will be subject to the Fitness to Practise Procedure.

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Procedures for Supporting Students in Distress

This document offers clear, concise guidance to any member of staff, irrespective of their day-to-day role within the University, on how to help students in varying degrees of distress, including mental health crisis situations.

Procedures for supporting students in distress

Referencing Statement

This statement identifies the University’s official approach to bibliographic referencing for assessed academic work and the tools that support it.

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Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Handbook

The University of the West of Scotland (UWS) recognises that learning takes place in a variety of contexts. Learning can happen in a formal setting through a structured programme of study and in an informal setting through work or other activities such as volunteering. Both formal and informal learning can be assessed either for entry to a programme of study or, where the learning is at the right level, for credit towards a specific programme. This process is called the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

This Recognition of Prior Learning Handbook provides guidelines for undertaking the RPL process at UWS. It is addressed to applicants but will also be of use to staff supporting applicants with RPL.

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Student Conduct in an Examination

This guide gives rules for UWS examinations, and applies to all, including those for the purposes of continuous assessment and those held outwith a UWS campus.

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Student Enrolment Terms & Conditions and Privacy Notice

These terms and conditions, and all of the documents referred to in them, give you information about us and the legal terms and conditions with which you need to comply with as a condition of your enrolment at the University.

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Student Suspension Procedure

This Procedure sets out the steps that the University will take when it is considered necessary
to suspend a student. The primary purpose of suspending a student is as a precautionary
measure, to protect staff and students of the University, including the student themselves, or
members of the public.

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Students with Parental Responsibilities Guidance

The guidelines are designed to support and encourage students to maintain a healthy balance between their family (parental/caring) responsibilities and their student responsibilities.

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Work-based Learning Procedure

This procedure provides information on WBL opportunities and the framework needed to design, implement and support these. It will also outline the recommended responsibilities of Schools, Student Services, other relevant support departments, students and employers to make these opportunities successful.

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Work-based Learning (Health & Safety) Procedure

This procedure looks at the health and safety aspects of all periods of approved and accredited work-based learning (WBL) / placement within programmes of study at UWS. It applies to all Schools of the University who provide academic programmes where students are seconded out to places of work - either on a part-time or full-time basis.

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In addition to the Student Success Policy Statement and the supporting documents we also have a number of procedures, protocols. statements, guidelines and handbooks that apply to you during your time at University.

These can be found below:

Data Protection Code of Practice

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This Code of Practice is in place to make sure everyone understands the way in which data protection applies to their roles within the University. It also makes sure we meet the requirements set out in Article 24(2) of the GDPR which requires the University, as a data controller, must have in place an appropriate data protection policy to make sure we meet our obligations under the legislation.

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Finance Policy Statement

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This Policy Statement sets out the approach by the University of the West of Scotland in relation to the provision of effective provision of finance services for all staff and students of the University. The strategic aim of the Finance Office is to devise and implement a financial strategy that will deliver the resources to underpin the University's academic developments and allow delivery of our Corporate Strategy.

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Supporting Policies, Procedures, Statements & Guides

The University has a number of policies, procedures, statements and guides relating to finance services which are all aimed at ensuring your success and supporting the Finance Policy Statement:

Credit Control Procedure

The purpose of this procedure is to enable effective control of all debts owed to the University: to manage the levels of debt and to minimise bad debt.

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Student Fees and Refunds Procedure

The purpose of this procedure is to outline the responsibilities of the University and the student in relation to fees that may be charged to an enrolled student undertaking a programme of study with the University. Charges include, but are not restricted to: Tuition fees, Accommodation fees, other miscellaneous charges.

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Health Safety & Wellbeing Policy Statement

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This policy sets out the broad principles of the University approach to the Health, Safety and Wellbeing of staff, students and visitors to the campus. The policy incorporates Fire Safety as a key aspect.

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Supporting Policies, Procedures, Statements & Guides

The University has a number of policies, procedures, statements and guides relating to health, safety and wellbeing which are all aimed at ensuring your success and supporting this Policy Statement.

Please note all other Guidance, Procedures and Protocols are currently under review and will be published once finalised.

If you require any advice or guidance please email

Smoke Free Protocol

This protocol sets out the approach toward a smoke free environment taken by University of the West of Scotland.

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Information Services Policy Statement

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This Policy Statement sets out the approach by University of the West of Scotland in relation to the provision of effective information technology resources for all staff and students of the University. This Policy Statement sets out the broad principles by which the University operates and should be read along with the related guidelines, procedures and protocols referred to below.

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Supporting Policies, Procedures, Statements & Guides

The University has a number of policies, procedures, statements and guides relating to information technology and digital services which are all aimed at ensuring your success and supporting this Policy Statement:

IT Acceptable Use Statement

Information technology plays a vital role in helping deliver efficient services and contributing towards the student experience. Staff and students will recognise the importance of maintaining good practice for IT to be effective. The purpose of this Statement is to support all users of University systems in understanding good practice, avoiding misuse of University facilities and behaving lawfully.

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IT Hardware Asset Management Statement

The University has made significant investment in its IT hardware assets and an effective asset management process is an important part of the overall control processes necessary to manage IT infrastructure.

Information Technology & Digital Services (ITDS) is the appointed custodian of all University purchased IT assets and the purpose of this statement is to ensure that all University staff understand their responsibility in the effective management of University IT hardware assets, including equipment purchased through research grants.

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IT Information Security Procedure

This procedure applies to the use of all UWS information systems by all UWS staff, students, their agents and visitors. It also includes data extracted from any system, whether in electronic or paper based format.

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IT Password Management Procedure

This procedure has been created to ensure that staff and students are aware of the steps required to adequately protect university staff and students’ data and that all users of the University IT systems are aware of their responsibilities with regard to effective password management.

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IT Software Licensing and Control Statement

This statement applies to all UWS students, staff, their agents and visitors using the University’s IT facilities. Software developed internally by staff or students as part of their academic requirements is excluded from this policy but is still subject to copyright legislation.

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Protocol for the Use of Cloud Storage

This protocol applies to all University data i.e. information which arises from University teaching, research and administration, and applies to all staff, students and other parties who have access to University data.

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Guidelines for the use of Social Media at UWS

The University encourages you to engage, collaborate and innovate through social media; however, wherever and however you do this, you must be aware of the potential impact on both yourself and the University.

This guideline provides information for members of staff and students as to the appropriate use of social media.

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Last updated: 28/03/2021