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The global phenomenon of creating Halal products and services has grown from strength to strength – from food and drink, right through to fashion, tourism, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, finance, education, and entertainment. It is one of a wave of activities pulling businesses and entrepreneurs towards embracing global and regional cultures – and interestingly, the appetite for Halal activities and opportunities is widespread also in non-Muslim countries.

  • Do you have a business, side hustle, or personal brand that you want to scale up, to take advantage of the growing number of Muslim markets?
  • How can you do this and still cater for other consumer segments?
  • Would you like to learn more about aspects of Islam that influence business?

Join our masterclass - covering the landscape today; customer journeys, preferences, and expectations; and the components necessary for delivering a Brand-driven Marketing strategy.

Prof. Wilson, who recently received a prestigious Doctor of Letters (DLitt) from the University of Dundee (the first they have awarded in more than a decade), is one of the most recognised industry and academic experts in the field. He will deliver an interactive workshop - guiding you through the following chapters from his book, Halal Branding:

  1. What the halal is going on?
  2. Understanding the halal phenomenon
  3. Markets and consumption patterns
  4. Getting your brand halal ready
  5. Creating a brand and brand building
  6. Brand culture, psychology and communications
  7. Marketing as real people
  8. Final thoughts and strategic brand weatherproofing

The workshop is designed to cater for delegates regardless of their knowledge of Islam, and all attendees will receive a copy of his book.

University of the West of Scotland is one of the UK’s leading modern universities, with campuses across the UK and educational partners across the world.

Participants in this programme will receive a certificate of completion from the University that may be recognised for study on additional courses.

Find out more here (pdf).

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