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Immigration & visa information for current students

Making a Student visa application in the UK

If you are an international student currently studying in the UK at the University of the West of Scotland, there are several reasons why you may need to make a visa application while in the UK:

  • You are progressing to a new course of study
  • You need more time because of re-sits or repeating part of your course
  • You need more time to complete your PhD
  • You wish to work under the Doctorate Extension Scheme, as a Student Union Sabbatical Officer or as a Doctor or Dentist in training

This should be done before your current visa has expired.

Please note that you must meet the requirements to be issued with a CAS, in order to apply for a visa extension. Please read our Student Visa Guide (below) for full details.

If you are applying for a new course that begins less than 28 days after the expiry date of your current visa, then you can do so from the UK. If there are more than 28 days between the expiry of your current visa and your new course starting then you must apply from your home country.

The UKCISA website provides comprehensive information on eligibility and requirements for applying for a visa while in the UK.

The information provided here by the University is just guidance. Immigration laws change frequently, for the most up-to-date visa information, we recommend that you visit the UK Government website.

Download the UWS International Student Visa Guide - Applying From Within UK (pdf)


download the UWS International Student Visa Guide - Apply from outside the UK (PDF)

BRP Collection Leaflet

Pink Document Download Icon

New Biometric Residence Permits (BRP) Collection guide which has specific instructions due to COVID-19

Download Guide (pdf)

Travel Advice for student visa holders

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As a Student visa holder, your priority while you are in the UK is to study on the course that your visa has been granted for. However, it is also a great opportunity to travel around the UK, Europe or beyond during the official university vacation periods.

Download Guide (PDF)

How to Apply for a Travel Visa

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Guidance on how to apply for a Travel Visa if you are planning to travel around the UK, Europe or beyond during the official university vacation periods.

Download Guide (PDF)

Doctorate Extension Scheme (DES) for PhD Students

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The Doctorate Extension Scheme is a sponsored scheme aimed at PhD students (or equivalent) who are nearing completion of their doctorate award. By applying for this immigration permission, PhD graduates are given an extra 12 months to look for and start work in the UK.

Download Guide (PDF)

Start-up Visa Scheme

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The Start-up Visa replaced the Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur Visa from 29 March 2019. The 'Start-up' visa scheme is aimed at recent graduates who have an innovative, viable and scalable business plan. By applying for this immigration permission, recent graduates intend to put into practice their business ideas and UWS is one of the endorsing institutions for this visa.

Download UWS Start-Up Visa Guide (pdf)

Visits from Relatives

While studying in the UK, you may want to invite your relatives to visit you for a holiday or to attend your graduation ceremony. Non-EEA nationals may need to apply to the British Embassy in their home country for a visa to travel to the UK.

Details of British Embassies overseas can be found on the UK Government website - select your home country from the list.

To confirm your student status you can print off a Student Visa Status Letter from Self-Service Banner which your relatives can submit to the British Embassy when applying for a Visa.

In addition to the support letter you should send the following documents to your relatives:

  • A photocopy of your passport photo page and current visa page/Biometric Residence Permit
  • Letter from you (the student) confirming the following information about the visa applicants:
    • Full names (as on the person's passport)
    • Date of birth (as on the person's passport)
    • Reason for visit
    • Date of arrival
    • Length of stay
    • Where they will live during their stay
    • If you are living in privately rented accommodation and your relatives will stay there with you, a photocopy of your tenancy agreement or contract
    • If you will be supporting your visitors financially during their stay, your bank statements showing funds

For further detailed information on inviting relatives over as visitor or as dependants, please visit our International Student Support tile on the hub portal at and search for ‘How to Guide – Dependants’ or ‘How to Guide – Visitor.’

If you are living in UWS accommodation you are not allowed to have live-in guests. If your family want to visit you here you must make private arrangements for their accommodation.

Lost Your Passport / Visa / Biometric Residence Permit

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If you lose your passport, visa or Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) whilst in the UK or overseas, please refer to the following guide on 'How to Replace lost passport, visa, BRP.

Download our Lost Passport / Visa / BRP Guide (pdf)

Working in the UK

Combining work with your studies can be a great way to enhance your career, improve your English, and meet new friends. If you are an international student with a student visa, there are work conditions attached to your visa of which you must be aware.

Find out more about working in the UK

International Student Advisors

UWS’s team of International Student Advisers (ISAs) are authorised by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) to provide Level 1 immigration advice to our international students.

Contact our International Student Advisors


Last updated: 11/05/2021