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Reading materials in accessible formats

UWS Library can provide students with copies of module reading materials in accessible formats.

If you require module reading materials in an alternative format as a result of a Disability or Specific Learning Difficulty, you should make an appointment to see a Disability Adviser on your campus in the first instance who will then conduct an assessment of your individual support needs.

If you require module reading materials in an alternative format, your Disability Adviser will document this and complete the Student Support Form highlighting that you require material in electronic format. This information will then be shared confidentially with the Library.

At your request, the Library will contact the publisher of each text and request an accessible copy (usually in PDF format).  Accessible copies of texts are normally provided as a download from the publisher’s secure site. Once the text has been downloaded, it will be passed to you directly from the Library.

The Library team will do everything we can to provide resources in alternative formats, but due to delays on the publisher side it can take a considerable amount of time to meet requests.

Last updated: 21/07/2017