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Tuition Fees Payment Methods

If you are paying all or part of your tuition fees, whether through a payment plan or a single instalment, you can find out more about the payment facilities in the sections below.

Find out more about UWS Tuition Fees Payment Plans

Self-financing students can pay their tuition fees through our online payment facility or through the UWS Western Union payment portal.

Online Payment

You will be able to pay your tuition fees by either debit or credit card using our online payment facility.

You can use this online payment facility to make a one-off payment, or to set up a recurring payment plan. If you are paying your tuition fees through one of our payment plans, setting up a recurring payment through the online payment facility will take the hassle away from having to remember to make each payment.

Family and friends can also make payments on behalf of a student.

Western Union

If you are an international student wishing to pay tuition fees in your local currency, we work in partnership with Western Union to provide a cost effective and simple payment portal.

Visit the Western Union GlobalPay UWS portal

Tuition fees payment plans

There are tuition fee payment plans for different levels and types of study at UWS. All plans require a one module deposit in order to enrol.

If you are paying your own tuition fees, it is important to remember that UWS is extending a credit facility by allowing you pay these through a payment plan rather than in one instalment.

You will have to make a payment before being able to enrol and will then have to make monthly payments. If you do not adhere to your agreed payment plan, also known as defaulting on your payments, we may be unable to extend this facility.

Sponsored students

If your tuition fees are being paid by someone other than yourself (or your family), then you are classed as a sponsored student.


If your tuition fees are being paid by someone other than yourself (or your family), then you are classed as a sponsored student, and separate terms and conditions will apply to your sponsor in respect of payment.

Your sponsor may be a:

  • Private sector employer
  • Public sector organisation
  • Government agency
  • Charitable trust
  • International government or agency
  • Foundation
  • Not-for-profit organisation
  • Overseas institution

Sponsors can pay all or part of your tuition fees and any additional costs on your behalf, but it is important to remember that the University's relationship is always with the student. If a sponsor fails to pay all or part of the fee, regardless of any agreement they have with a student, the student will remain liable for any outstanding costs.

Sponsorship form

If your tuition fees are being paid on your behalf by a sponsor, you need to submit a Sponsorship Form confirming the details for your arrangement, and ensuring the University has the information needed to invoice your sponsor.

You can download a copy of the Sponsorship Form here:

Download a sponsorship form

Completed forms should be returned by email to:

Where the University does not have your sponsor information you will be invoiced for your tuition fees.


Student Policies

If you are a self-financing student, it is your responsibility to meet the cost of your tuition, so we recommend planning ahead for your studies, and budgeting effectively for both your tuition fee payment(s) and your living costs. You can find useful guidance to help you prepare on our Budgeting & Planning webpages.

In the event of non-payment, the University reserves the right to the following:

  • Non-payment will lead to the University withholding the issue of degree, diploma and course programme completion parchments and letters
  • Non-registration for continuation of programmes
  • Non-registration for end-of-semester examinations or withholding of examination results
  • Tuition fees remain the responsibility of the student until accounts are settled in full by their sponsor
  • Legal action which will result in additional costs to the student
  • If your account is passed to the University's approved debt collection agency or for legal action, all outstanding balances will become due immediately*
  • The University has the right to refuse credit facilities to students who in previous years, defaulted on their instalment dates
  • Eviction from residencies/flat (rental debts only)
  • Removal of access to all IT facilities, including My PGR

*The University utilises the employment of professional and reputable debt collection agents, together with any interaction with government agencies as required.

If you are unsure what you might owe, or would like to set up a payment plan, you should contact the Finance Team at

See Student Finance Policies

Contact Us

If you are unsure about any of the information above, or anticipate any difficulties in making payments, you should contact our Finance Team directly.


Telephone: 0141 848 3271

The Team are available from 8:45am – 4:45pm (GMT), Monday to Friday each week, excluding any public or university holidays.

Last updated: 04/03/2020

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