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Deputy First Minister meeting UWS student on visit to Paisley Campus
The Scottish Government is firmly committed to widening access to higher education, and the focus cannot just be on entrants – it must also be on retention, outcomes and destinations too. UWS has shown great commitment in all of these areas and as a result it is supporting many students from disadvantaged backgrounds to fulfil their potential. It is very encouraging to hear how UWS’ flexible, personalised approach has helped attract students who might not otherwise have continued their studies.
John Swinney MSP, Deputy First Minister & Cabinet Secretary for Education & Skills
Last year I was part of a delegation of higher education leaders accompanying the Deputy First Minister on an official visit to India to demonstrate Scotland’s reputation in research, innovation and learning. I was therefore delighted to host the Deputy First Minister at our Paisley campus today, showcasing first-hand UWS’ impact on the national and global stage. I was particularly pleased to highlight the important work we have undertaken to widen access to higher education in Scotland, our world-leading teaching and learning approaches as well as the outstanding research and enterprise activity we are successfully delivering.
Professor Craig Mahoney, Principal & Vice-Chancellor, UWS
It was amazing to meet the Deputy First Minister and share my experience at UWS with him. I spoke to him about my background and how the support I received from the University throughout my time as a student was crucial in helping me graduate recently with my degree, something I’m extremely proud of after the hurdles I’ve overcome.
Kayleigh McArthur, Tourism Management Graduate
Deputy First Minister and UWS Principal with Sandy Stoddart on ministerial visit to Paisley Campus