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Jack Sloss - student standing in front of concrete staircase
"The experience I’d gained during my placement – learning how to use their computer programmes and software systems – meant I could start working on projects right away. Not only did the work experience count for course credits, I was paid, and I was offered a job as soon as I graduated.”
Jack Sloss, UWS Civil Engineering graduate
William Taylor - student in front of Morgan stanley sign
“I didn’t want to graduate with just a degree, and no hands-on industry experience. Taking a placement with Morgan Stanley – one of the world’s biggest banks – was a win-win situation; they allowed me to continue with my studies, while paying me a competitive salary."
William Taylor - UWS BSc Computer Games Technology graduate
Andrew Fraser - student in lab
"Some concepts in chemistry are difficult to get your head around, and sometimes it takes a one-to-one conversation to understand them. With small class sizes at UWS, it was always easy to talk to the lecturers - even during busy term time.”
Andrew Fraser - UWS Chemistry graduate