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The staff at UWS have offered us unlimited support from day one. Our academic success would not have been possible without their unwavering guidance, care and patience. Earning a PhD was our dream and it has finally come true.
Dr Raid Alzubi
Husband & wife receive PhD from same school on same day at UWS's Paisley Graaduation ceremony.
Graduation day is a very special occasion as it is a time to reflect on all that has been achieved, whilst heralding a new beginning. We pride ourselves on being an international university that is committed to supporting all students and to providing them with a high quality, truly modern and innovative university experience. We aim to inspire our students to achieve their very best, so many congratulations go out to each and every graduate for reaching this milestone.
UWS’s Professor Craig Mahoney | Principal & Vice Chancellor | University of the West of Scotland Professor Craig Mahoney, Principal & Vice-Chancellor, UWS