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Encouraging more young people to consider a career in animation

The Scottish Animation Awards are organised by UWS and enable school pupils and college students in Scotland to engage with animation on a practical level, using their creative skills to produce a short animated film.

UWS wishes to encourage more young people to consider a career in animation, and the competition gives students and educators a chance to gain insight and experience of this exciting and dynamic industry.

Scottish Animation Awards School competition

Who can submit?

We would like to encourage pupils and teachers at your school to get involved. The competition is open to individuals or groups and there is no limit to the number of entries. 

There are two competition categories:

  • S1-S3 pupils
  • S4-S6 pupils

Schools may make as many submissions as they wish. Each submission can be from an individual or a team, but the prizes awarded will be the same in either case.


To participate, pupils should devise and create an animation around the theme of Communication. The concept or storyline of the animation may be freely chosen, so long as it relates to this theme. The animation must be no longer than 2 minutes in duration. Quality is preferred to quantity, so pieces significantly shorter than this limit are encouraged.

Entrants may use whichever method of animation they prefer, be it hand-drawn “cut out” 2D imagery, 3D computer graphics, or stop motion techniques such as “claymation”. All pieces will be judged on their merits, regardless of the chosen style.

In judging the submitted work, we will be looking for:

  • A strong, original concept
  • Effective use of the camera
  • Well-timed movement


Initial entry application must be made via a teacher at the school who should e-mail the following information:

  • Name of the School
  • Name and role/faculty of the teacher making the application - School contact details (phone and e-mail) for the teacher making the submission
  • Category (S1-S3 or S4-S6)
  • (Provisional) Title of the animation
  • Pupil name(s) and age(s)

Email initial entry information to

On completion of the animation the above information must be resent along with a Link to the animation on YouTube or Vimeo to

All animations must be uploaded and entry forms received by 17th April 2020.


The submitted animations will be judged by a panel comprised of staff from both the University and our industry partners.

The panel will judge submissions based on the criteria identified in this document. The panel’s decision will be final.



There will be a winner in each category. There will also be certificates for commended work and also for participation.

Winners in both categories will be presented with prizes for their work.

Prizes are not negotiable and offered in good will. We reserve the right to alter the available prizes at short notice.