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Michael Foale & Professor Ehsan Mesbahi
The University is immensely proud to be part of such an important initiative, which puts Scotland firmly on the map for this type of exploratory study".
Professor Ehsan Mesbahi, Vice-Principal (Academic), UWS
Over the next few years, ISSET, UWS, and myself will mentor those students, helping them get the most out of this fantastic opportunity to put their experiments into space, furthering Scotland’s position within space research".
Michael Foale, Astrophysicist and former NASA Astronaut
Creating a bridge from science on Earth to the ISS is achieved by so few people, and now it’s going to happen for the PhD students at UWS. It will make a massive difference to their future careers and to furthering our knowledge of science in space".
Dr Julie Keeble, Chief Scientist, International Space School Education Trust
UWS’s institute of thin films, sensors and imaging is bringing sensor technology to this project to look at optimising plant growth in a space environment".
Professor Des Gibson, Institute of Thin Films, Sensors and Imaging, UWS