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Image of Richard Cooper  & Dr. Dave Hughes, novosound
Our revolutionary sensors have the potential to disrupt the $2.6 billion non-destructive testing market unlocking a huge commercial opportunity for novosound.
Dr. Dave Hughes, UWS & Chief Technical Officer, novosound
novosound have developed a truly revolutionary ultrasound technology with wide ranging applications and benefits in multiple industries.
Marcus Henderson, Investment Manager, Par Equity
Our university prides itself on its longstanding and close links with industry. Our academics and researchers are playing a key role in the development of a range of technologies that will have significant impacts nationally and globally. novosound securing the funding it needs to roll-out its cutting-edge sensor and imaging system technology, is a clear illustration of what that collaborative relationship can achieve.
Professor Ehsan Mesbahi, Vice-Principal (Academic), UWS
novosound is an innovative, ambitious, forward-thinking company that’s hungry for growth and it’s fantastic that they’ve secured this seed investment. Our strong support to the University of the West of Scotland team enabled the attraction of Richard Cooper as the commercial lead and included introductions to global players in non-destructive testing to help direct development of the team’s product and business plan. We look forward to working with the company as it progresses its plans for global growth.
Eleanor Mitchell, Entrepreneurial Growth, Grant Appraisal & Management Director, Scottish Enterprise