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Professor Steve Olivier, UWS Deputy Principal & Deputy Vice-Chancellor delivered a public lecture at Paisley Campus on 2 July 2018, 5.30pm.

The inaugural lecture, The Moral University, saw Professor Olivier discussing what obligations, if any, a university has towards its students, staff, local communities, and towards addressing government priorities. Professor Olivier explored these and other questions, with reference to ethical theory.

He also explored the nature of morality, the part that individuals, communities and university leaders can play in creating moral climates; and whether government intervention is the most appropriate way of helping institutions to shape society.

Using examples of what UWS does, Professor Olivier also sketched out a vision of what a moral university might look like and how it might act towards its stakeholders and communities.

Professor Olivier, who joined UWS in May 2018 from Abertay University, regularly speaks and writes on leadership and change management in higher education, and as an active researcher has published widely in several areas.

Commenting on his inaugural lecture, Professor Olivier said:

UWS has a strong social mission, and its principles of changing lives and transforming communities are ones which I feel a strong personal affinity with.

He continued:

"I am delighted to have delivered this inaugural lecture that saw me discuss the extent to which universities have a moral duty towards their students, staff and local communities.

Professor Steve Olivier's Inagurual Lecture